Sponsored content: New generation of ecological degreasers and oil spill clean-up products now available

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T&T Eco has brought together a number of innovative ecological cleaning & degreasing products for Bioremediation as well as the cleaning up oil spills and other hydrocarbon contaminated surfaces.

The company claims Oil Spill Eater II is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost-effective bioremediation product, for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination.

This enzymatic product naturally destroys hydrocarbons, unlike typical dispersants and surfactants currently used by the oil spill cleaning & remediation industry.

  • OSE II is the Only Approved (Ecologically safe) Bioremediation agent for use on Land, Water and Sea by the UK’s Marine Management Organisation (MMO) www.gov.uk/government/publications/approved-oil-spill-treatment-products
  • OSE II is an environmentally safe clean-up method because it uses nature’s own bioremediation process to effectively eliminate hazardous materials.
  • OSE II is not a bacteria fertilizer, or a dispersant product and does not contain any non-indigenous organisms.

T&T Eco states that its other plant-based surfactants and solvents also break down organic contaminants, break up oil/water emulsions and remediate petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and heavy metals too, in an entirely natural way.

Oil Spill Clean-up

T&T Eco’s Triple7 BioConcentrate can be used effectively to rapidly, cleanly and efficiently remediate a wide range of oil spills including mineral oils, crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, central heating fuel, white spirits and wide range of commercial, domestic and industrial lubricants.

T&T Eco’s range of Natural Absorbents includes Pro Earth’s patented (Peat fibre based) ProCleanSorb. A bio-degradable product that is available either in loose form as granules or packaged in a porous geotextile material to form a range of ready-to-deploy booms mats and pads that effectively and efficiently absorb an impressive list of chemicals & contaminants from hydrocarbons to metals.

  • ProCleanSorb will absorb about 90% of fumes from flammable liquids, significantly reducing the threat of combustion during clear-up.
  • It is Hydrophobic (will not absorb water) and can be used as an effective filter to reduce pollution & clear spills.
  • 1kg of ProCleanSorb will absorb 6 litres of oil.

In Situ Remediation – Land & Water

A new proprietary process being developed by T&T Eco in partnership with Ekogrid integrates the unique remediation attributes of Oil Spill Eater into the company’s Electrokinetic Oxidation Process to provide users with a combined solution that more effectively enables in-situ remediation. Ekogrid achieves this by efficiently boosting the spread of OSE II underground & bringing it far more quickly into contact with the Hydrocarbons that are present. This is achieved without physically excavating & transporting the soil, significantly reducing cost, disruption to the environment & time!