Measuring multiple particle sizes

Instrumentation firm TSI recently introduced an air quality monitor equipped for simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 particulate matter, in addition to temperature and relative humidity.

The BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor seemingly answers a call for “a connected solution for air monitoring that provides reliable, instantaneous data to urban communities working to minimise air pollution exposure.”

The monitors are said to be easy to integrate into existing infrastructure and a proprietary cloud-based platform, TSI Link™ Solutions, provides secure, remote monitoring. Each device can stream and display real-time live data from the cloud via Wi-Fi without installing software or an app.

The monitor incorporates a factory-calibrated PM sensor. A proprietary laser-based light scattering particle sensor measures particulates as well as temperature and relative humidity. Equipped with self-diagnostics, users receive notifications if a performance issue is detected.