Sponsored content: Laughing in lockdown? Packaged plant pays off for holiday park

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with WPL International

Wastewater treatment technology selected for use on a holiday park because of its ability to withstand seasonal flow variations, has proven its flexibility during the unexpected events of the last 12 months. The WPL packaged plant was installed at the picturesque Home Farm Holiday Centre in the Quantock Hills, St Audries Bay, Somerset, in November 2015. Five years on, the custom system continues to meet all environmental requirements, providing high standards of biological treatment during high and low season. Its reliability gave site owners reassurance during a challenging 2020, when Covid-19-enforced lockdowns led to sudden and sharp changes in visitor numbers.

Home Farm Holiday Centre proprietor Louise Nethercott said: “The system performs well, is simple to maintain and has passed all the environmental tests and checks. The nature of our business means we do have big fluctuations in visitor numbers, even more so this year, and it has continued to provide reliable treatment.”

Throughout all the lockdowns, WPL’s system, which includes two below-ground WPL HiPAF® treatment units, remained in operation, adjusting to the dips and peaks in wastewater volumes.  The process uses no chemicals and will safely discharge wastewater into the local environment. It is essential for properties not connected to mains drainage to have reliable onsite wastewater treatment.