Sponsored content: A greener supply chain for dust suppression

Air Spectrum ecotech mist equipment

Air Quality expert Air Spectrum Environmental has launched the dust suppression industry’s first eco-friendly battery-operated range of misting equipment in a bid to improve the sustainability of the supply chain of many industries. The range – called ‘ecotech’ – was created to replace diesel-fueled systems and create a greener alternative.

The ‘ecotech’ system provides at least 13 hours of battery life from one charge, emits no harmful fumes and is quieter than a generator, overall providing a sustainable power source for misting and suppression needs.

The introduction of ‘ecotech’ is an innovative solution to decarbonization within the industry and aids the challenges faced by the construction, among other, industries. The construction industry’s introduction of initiatives to help improve carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by 2050, means that supply chains must support objectives concerning emissions and sustainability.

The ‘ecotech’ range is one of the steps Air Spectrum Environmental are taking towards reaching the goal of becoming carbon neutral themselves by 2022, allowing customers’ needs and expectations to be met whilst providing quality products and solutions simultaneously.

Air Spectrum Environmental is also introducing electro-static dust control to the UK by partnering with Dutch firm, StaticAir, to bring an eco-friendly, non-water based alternative to industry. The range can also include UVC light, which can destroy multiple contaminants including bacteria and viruses, creating a truly healthy working environment.