Sponsored content: New firm has the tech for tightening consents and nutrient removal

The te-cycTM cyclic activated sludge technology is suitable for wastewater treatment works required to meet 1 mg/l phosphorus residuals without chemical dosing.

Engineering and construction contractor The Trant Group has announced the launch of Te-Tech Process Solutions, a new company providing innovative products for water and wastewater treatment using advanced process technologies.

Building on Trant’s success as an EPC contractor in the water industry, the new company’s products are designed, manufactured and assembled off-site for rapid delivery, installation and commissioning. With in-house capabilities including process, mechanical and electrical design, digital engineering, operational optimisation and real-time control, Te-Tech is equipped to engineer bespoke systems from standard packages to meet the exacting needs of clients in the municipal, industrial and commercial water and wastewater sectors.

Business Development Director Mike Froom said: “Our strategic partnership with Austrian environmental engineering group SFC Umwelttechnik allows us to offer sustainable technologies including advanced biological treatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and membrane bioreactors.”

Mike Froom, Business Development Director, Te-Tech Process Solutions.

Just in time for AMP7, Te-Tech is introducing te-cycTM cyclic activated sludge technology, well suited for wastewater treatment works required to meet 1 mg/l phosphorus residuals without chemical dosing.

“The process achieves enhanced biological P removal and less than 0.3 mg/l P with a small dose of chemicals”, said Froom. The process also achieves nitrate removal and allows for simultaneous nitrification and denitrification to take place.”

Whilst Te-Tech’s focus is on innovation, the company also offers traditional process packages such as activated sludge and submerged aerated filters for wastewater and clarification, filtration and UV disinfection for drinking water. Te-Tech also has in-house automation and control technology, in addition to manufacturing facilities for control panels and motor control centres.

Chief Operating Officer Ashton Dewey said he was thrilled to be at the helm of the new company. “It’s an opportunity to make a real difference as we meet the needs of tightening consents for nutrient removal from wastewater and face up to the challenges of emerging contaminants in the future. Te-Tech Process Solutions aim to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.”

For details: visit www.te-tech.co.uk, or email: enquiries@te-tech.co.uk or Tel: 023 8235 1600.