Sponsored content: Data loggers aid wastewater sampling compliance

At 600 sites across the South West of England, wastewater samples are collected, transported, stored and analysed with the help of robust and easy-to-use Tinytag temperature data loggers.

Tinytag data loggers have proved to be an indispensable tool for temperature monitoring of wastewater samples for a regional UK water company.

Hardy outdoor data loggers with robust IP68 waterproof cases (Tinytag Plus 2) and data loggers with digital displays and splash-proof casing (Tinytag View 2) monitor sample temperatures through all phases of sample collection and transportation.

The portability of the data loggers is essential for on-site sample temperature monitoring and means that they can be multi-purposed across the different temperature monitoring applications required by Environment Agency regulations.

1) Monitoring product temperature during collection. Data loggers measure the temperature of wastewater samples from the point of collection until the time they are transferred to refrigeration units or vehicles. The data logger’s thermistor probe is placed at the bottom of the collection vessel, monitoring sample temperature as the auto-sampler collects a composite sample over the 24-hour sampling period. Spot-checks of product temperature are also carried out regularly using the Tinytag View 2 loggers.

2) Monitoring static fridge temperature. Static fridges are strategically placed across the South West to be used as drop-off points for samples before they are collected by a courier and transferred to the laboratory in Exeter. Data loggers measure and record the internal temperatures of these fridges to evidence that the samples have been kept within the temperature constraints for the regulations.

3) Monitoring temperatures in transit. The lowest portion of a logger’s probe is placed into a ‘dummy sample’ that is housed alongside the wastewater samples in the refrigerated transport environment. The ‘dummy sample’ is used to replicate the temperature deviations caused within a sample when the fridge might be open during the courier run.

The water company initially chose Tinytags because Gemini Data Loggers provides a certificated calibration service. A spokesperson for the company comments, “With Gemini having a calibration service which is traceable to National Standards that is quick and easy to use, it shows that they and we take our obligations seriously.”

Ease of use was not on the agenda when the Tinytags were initially purchased, but has proved to be a happy bonus. “Without a fully portable temperature logging device, we as a company would not be able to fulfil the regulatory requirements set by the OSM regulations.” Tinytag data loggers are designed and manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers (UK).