Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Data loggers used to inform innovative energy solutions

With increasing pressure for electrical and heating appliances to meet energy efficiency ratings, it can be a challenge to find a solution that both works and is profitable for small businesses and enterprises.

Data loggers firm sponsors Low Energy Buildings Database

Monitoring equipment manufacturer Gemini Data Loggers is a proud sponsor of a project to rebuild the AECB’s Low Energy Buildings Database into an international platform for sustainable building knowledge.

Sponsored content: Data loggers aid wastewater sampling compliance

At 600 sites across the South West of England, wastewater samples are collected, transported, stored and analysed with the help of robust and easy-to-use Tinytag temperature data loggers.
TinyTag Product Range

Using Data Loggers to Identify and Evaluate Energy Saving Measures

Data loggers can be a useful tool in providing information to help identify opportunities for energy savings, and for evaluating the performance of any...

Low profile radio data loggers

GEMINI Data Loggers is expanding its range of radio data loggers with its new Tinytag Ultra Radio units. Loggers in the Ultra Radio range monitor...