Sponsored Content: A leader in odour control and biogas

Water treatment plant

Anua Clean Air is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of odour control and biogas cleaning units.

The business was set up in 1990 as part of the Bord na Mona group. Currently Anua Clean Air UK is part of a group of companies that includes Anua Clean Air International and Air Clean SRL. These firms promote sustainable clean air technologies which give best-in-class performance at the lowest lifecycle cost.

Patented technologies using recovered materials are key to this. The approach not only directly contributes to a cleaner environment, but also to a circular economy by creating high value processes that use recovered materials. Anua Clean Air International has recently been awarded patents in the UK, Europe, US, and China for the next generation Monashell technology and for its CrumRubber technology.

Specialising in the provision and maintenance of proven, high performing, clean, biological air filtration technologies, Anua Clean Air Services is accredited for providing first-class biological air filtration technology with the lowest lifecycle cost. The focus is on odour control for wastewater treatment, solid waste, VOC and food industry treatment plants.

Anua Clean Air Services ensures that with every odour control cleaning unit, the client is getting the most from their air-filtration technologies.

One highly sought-after product is the Mónashell biofiltration system, a popular alternative to chemical scrubbing and carbon adsorption. Recognised for its optimal odour performance, this cost-effective cleaning unit provides a 67% footprint reduction and can even treat high and variable concentrations of numerous organic sulphides.

All of the biofiltration systems which Anua Clean Air manufactures and installs, including Mónafil and CrumRubber models, are patented and proven systems.

Anua exhibits at trade shows including RWM (UK), Pollutec (Paris), WEFTEC (US) and IFAT (Germany).