Sponsored Content: Pulsed airlift sludge transfer

TE Sewpas

Te-Tech has introduced a new generation of pulsed airlift units, and says its clients are seeing the benefits of the technology over conventional progressive cavity pumps for transferring primary and secondary sewage sludges. High reliability, low maintenance and fully automatic operation are just a few of the features that make the te-sewpas™ system a great option for unmanned works.

The te-sewpas™ is a completely self-contained unit with an upgraded, PLC-based control system that can operate either as part of a Distributed Control System or as a stand-alone unit. An integral blower generates pressurised air which is fed, via a solenoid valve, as intermittent slugs into the bottom of a pipe full of sludge.

The air rises because of its buoyancy and carries a slug of sludge with it to discharge at the top of the pipe. This gentle lifting action imparts minimal shear to the sludge, minimising floc break up and preserving dewaterability. Unlike other types of pumps, there is no suction so rat-holing is eliminated.

The operating times are fully adjustable for both frequency and duration, and the recovery times are variable to optimise de-sludging operations and, of course, there is a manual override facility for instant desludging if required.

With options for one, two, three or four tank systems, cost effective te-sewpasTM is the first choice for new builds and can be easily retrofitted to replace existing pumped desludging systems, providing significant capital and operational cost savings. Based on a typical de-sludging programme of four times per day, the units will reduce power costs by about 25% and give a similar saving in maintenance expenses by comparison with progressive cavity pumps. Email us at enquiries@te-tech.co.uk to find out how te-sewpas™ could work for you or visit https://www.te-tech.co.uk/case-studies/tangmere-stw-te-sewpas for case study.