High performance and low cost odour solutions

Anua Clean Air UK is an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on its patented biofiltration and bioscrubbing technologies. The company has the exclusive worldwide branding and patent rights to Monashell, Monasfil and CrumRubber technologies.

The firm develops sustainable clean air technologies that give a best-in-class performance at the lowest life cycle cost. Core to this is the development of patented technologies that utilise recovered materials. Anua has recently been granted new worldwide patents for its multi-stage Monashell technology and multi-stage technology incorporating the high-performance CrumRubber technology. Worldwide patents have been awarded for a high-rate multi-stage CrumRubber process for removal of H2S and Siloxanes from Biogas. This approach not only directly contributes to a cleaner environment, it also contributes to the circular economy by creating high-value processes utilising recovered materials.

Anua Clean Air has recently been awarded patents in the UK, Europe, US, and China for the next generation Monashell technology and for its CrumRubber technology.

“Our patented range of process solutions offers best-in-class performance at the lowest life cycle cost for an ever-increasing range of municipal (wastewater and solid waste) and industrial applications,” says the firm. “The company’s core values are centred on developing high performing, low cost environmentally sustainable solutions utilising high quality recovered materials.”

The firm’s latest technology developments are centred on multi-stage solutions which use different media in different stages to optimise filter size, performance, power and water consumption.