Narrow-beam-width level sensor is simple to install

Narrow-beam-width level sensor from Geolux

Presenting itself as a leader in hydrology and meteorology, Geolux has launched a new and improved version of contactless radar for measuring water levels.

An innovative product in the hydrology instrument space, the LX-80 radar-based level sensor was designed to work in both environmental monitoring (for hydrological measurements) and in industrial applications. The LX-80 comes in three versions: 8-meter, 15-meter and 30-meter. With the support of a variety of communication interfaces and compatibility with Geolux datalogger and real-time monitoring software, customers can quickly and effortlessly integrate LX-80 into new or existing applications.

The new version of the contactless LX radar sensor is an advance on the older one, in a number of respects. One is the reduced radar beamwidth, which is now only 5°, compared to the 8° used by the majority of competing devices. Narrow beamwidth means installation is simpler, and that nearby structures such as bridge railings or pillars do not interfere with the accuracy of the water level measurement.

There is also an oceanographic version available. This version makes 10 scans per second and calculates various wave and tide characteristics, such as significant wave height, zero-up and crisp periods and median sea level. Geolux offers customers an appealing balance of measurement capabilities and price, compared to similar products on the market.