SEEPEX wins order from Thames Water for the most intelligent PC Pump in the world

SEEPEX SCT AutoAdjust, the intelligent pump of the future, at Thames Water’s Maple Lodge WwTW.

This article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Seepex

The first order has been received from Thames Water’s Maple Lodge WwTW for SEEPEX’s unique patented SCT AutoAdjust pump technology combined with their Digital Solutions incorporating Pump Technology 4.0.

Maple Lodge WwTW will be a showcase, setting new standards for future projects within Thames Water and the water industry.

Following the successful delivery by SEEPEX of a project at Thames Water’s Mogden Lane WwTW for a sludge thickening process upgrade, incorporating Digital Solutions and the latest ease of maintenance technology for open hopper pumps, Thames Water approached SEEPEX with a new project with similar synergies at their Maple Lodge WwTW plant.

During consultation, the SEEPEX team carried out a full technical review with the key stakeholders to understand the challenges and objectives with the operation of the drum thickening process and associated pumps. A comprehensive, commercial and technical proposal was produced which included the most innovative state-of-the-art progressive cavity pumps in combination with Digital Technology.

The scope of supply includes the delivery and installation of SCT AutoAdjust drum thickener feed, discharge and back mixing progressive cavity pumps together with SEEPEX Digital Solutions – Pump Monitor, Connected Services and controls.

SCT AutoAdjust technology together with monitoring and cloud services enables remote adjustment to restore pump efficiency and, with advanced analytics, the implementation of predictive and forward planned maintenance as well as process optimisation.