The solution for multi-agent site monitoring

Casella Guardian2

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Casella continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping its customers reduce environmental risks from large construction projects with the Guardian2.

The system allows the simultaneous monitoring and reporting of noise, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and vibration as well as wind speed and direction for an all-encompassing assessment of emitted levels. The Guardian2 unit can be ordered with any combination of the mentioned sensors.

The Guardian2 features a smaller form factor making it flexible to locate. Casella offers a web based interface, the bespoke “Casella 24/7” ( This system allows users to monitor and capture data with its intuitive interface and simple reporting system, with a provision also for SMS and email alerts, ensuring users are alerted to levels that exceed pre-set thresholds.

The Guardian2 uses Casella’s own mHUB datalogger. This communications interface will ensure data integrity and availability wherever in the world the Guardian2 is located. Plus, in the event of a communications drop out, the mHUB eliminates the potential for data loss as it is continually storing data for later transmission.

The Guardian2 is also able to run from 100-250V mains power supply, battery or solar panel. The latter option means it is suitable for many site applications where fence-line monitoring is required.

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