SPONSORED CONTENT: A fluid management “masterpiece”

The demand for off-site, fully packaged plant rooms has risen, and the construction industry is challenging fluid management specialists to find new, high-performance pre-fabricated plant and pump solutions.

Dutypoint has always been a first-class product innovator since the company’s inception in 1976, and this year, the engineering team rose to the challenge of re-engineering the Harton POD. The respected classic has joined the Dutypoint range of integrated pump and tank systems, and it’s gone from strength to strength to stronger.

Dutypoint’s in-house engineers have developed and introduced new features and improvements to take the Harton POD underground plant room forward as a next-generation fluid management solution. Additional features include a GSM monitoring system as standard that logs events and sends them to OSS and a fully certified access post at the top of the fixed ladder for easier access.

All improvements help make the Harton POD by Dutypoint more robust and easier to maintain. By re-engineering the legacy, Dutypoint engineers have made the Harton POD tank and pump assembly unit even more effective at saving space, reducing labour time and improving safety standards.

The Dutypoint team strives to create sustainable wastewater fluid management systems that support people and protect the environment. QuikForm™ is a revolutionary underground packaged pump station and a popular product in the Dutypoint wastewater management range.

QuikForm™ is delivered to a site as a fully pre-assembled system, and the pump chamber can be installed quickly while using 50% less concrete than traditional GRP chambers. The innovative features will help a wide range of applications experience lower costs and more straightforward installation while reducing environmental impact.

Dutypoint also manufactures and supplies additional wastewater pumping products with good lead times for various wastewater management applications, including Sewers for Adoption, rainwater management, stormwater attenuation and underground storage tanks.