SPONSORED CONTENT: Gas detection growth

OBW Technologies says it continues to stimulate growth and innovation while solidifying itself as a market leader in gas detection.

“Thankfully, we are now in a situation where we’re working with some of the world’s leading companies and are the supplier of choice for many of the largest life sciences and high tech organisations, and utility providers. We believe it is our continuous focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, our flexibility, availability and attention to detail that is enabling our growth,” says the firm’s JJ O’Brien.

Over the last 10 years, says the firm, it has brought together a team with the best minds in gas detection using the best technology to advise their clients on all aspects of fixed and portable gas detection. While 2021 was an unconventional year for most, it brought a period of significant growth for OBW. Its team has almost doubled in the last two years with no sign of slowing down. The firm continues to cultivate its highly specialised workforce, while progressing with innovating its industry leading product and service offerings. OBW also won several awards throughout the year including being chosen as the supplier of the year both for Honeywell HGAS for the West Zone and Blackline Safety Europe in 2021.

It is a great achievement and shows that OBW’s standards are recognised by two of the most prominent gas detection manufacturers and suppliers in the market.