Sponsored Content: Budget-friendly clean air technology

A dual-pass Monashell installation.

Anua Clean Air UK is an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on its patented biofiltration and bio-scrubbing technologies.

These technologies, in the main, use recovered materials as the core component and provide a hat trick of environmental benefits in terms of circular economy, carbon footprint and removal of harmful atmospheric pollutants.

Parent firm Anua Clean Air International has a broad geographical reach. In recent years the company has been very active in the UK, Ireland and in overseas markets including Italy, France, the Middle East, China and the US. There is also an Italian sister company, Air Clean SRL.

International reference projects include Dual Pass Monashell Installations in Riyadh, Laguna Lake in the Philippines, Coimbatore in India, and Sindos in Greece.

The firm’s new CrumRubber technology has been supplied for installations in the Canary Islands, China, Oman and Northern Ireland. Dual Pass Monashell units have also been installed in the UK and Ireland.

Anua Clean Air International also specialises in after-care service, troubleshooting and process optimisation and media replacement services. “Over the past number of years as an essential service provider we have continued to offer health checks and media replacement services on the many hundreds of worldwide Monashell Installations.”

Anua carries an extensive stock of all filtration media and high-performing inoculum.


An installation of the CrumRubber catalytic roughing filter in the UK.