Sponsored Content: Firm prioritises air quality

“At Air Spectrum Environmental, our priority is improving air quality in the industrial and workplace setting. Where possible, we believe that greening supply chains will make a huge difference to reduce or even eliminate emissions in our environment and improve occupational health and safety. This has become a focus for us as a product provider and as an organisation.”

“Technology plays a significant part in our offering, whether advanced or innovative or both. We provide solutions that have been quality tested and proved, even by NASA! Whether it’s air monitoring, air purification, or industrial air quality control, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, environmentally responsible performance and longevity.”

“Air Spectrum Environmental also offers a data-driven consultancy. We undertake odour analysis at our own Spectrum OdourLab to meet regulatory requirements. We also conduct air quality impact assessments, occupational exposure monitoring and dust impact assessments. By evaluating risks, we offer our customers a targeted service according to their needs.”

We’ve also taken a leap and started developing greener air quality solutions that don’t create a problem while fixing one; improving air quality shouldn’t create pollution as a by-product. This has inspired our new ecotech products which are zero emissions, have long battery life, and generate minimal sound. This creates safer operations on the job, cleaner air on-site and reduces negative impact in surrounding communities.

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