Sponsored Content: The first-ever insurance for buildings that is driving water efficiency

Shayp’s software monitoring water consumption and detecting leaks in real time.

Data collected from across 5000 buildings by Belgian company Shayp reveals that one in three buildings is leaking, accounting for over 20% of a building’s total water consumption on average. However, that can be easily prevented by using advanced leak detection technology. Shayp spent years perfecting this, using the power of AI to make buildings more water efficient. Now, they found a way to guarantee no excessive water consumption for their clients. Shayp introduces the world’s first insurance embedded in advanced water leak detection technology that helps organisations optimise consumption in buildings and increase water efficiency. Using water meter data, Shayp reveals water use anomalies in-real time and assists operators in addressing the situation efficiently. Thanks to AI, they have already helped many businesses to detect and solve leaks, improving their water efficiency by 30% on average. This is the first insurance policy that focuses on the preventive use of resources by preventing excessive water use and loss. In other words, it is our promise that buildings equipped with Shayp will remain environmentally friendly.

To provide the insurance, they partnered with the experts in the field, Bsurance and Baloise. The insurance is available to businesses that equip 100% of their buildings with Shayp. In case a device fails to report a leak, insurance covers any excess water bill that may occur as a result. There is no need for additional paperwork or a high budget.