Systems steward: New leader at the British Pump Manufacturers Association

A new president is taking the helm at the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA).

Dale Croker
Dale Croker

Continuing in his role as managing director of pumps manufacturer KSB UK, Dale Croker takes over the BPMA post following a two-year tenure as vice president.

The appointment follows the extended four-year term of previous president Richard Harden of Stuart Turner Ltd. Traditionally the role has a two-year tenure but with the disruption caused by the pandemic, Richard very graciously agreed to stay on for a second term, said the group.

Steve Schofield, Director and Chief Executive of the BPMA commented: “This is a great accolade and one that reflects the continuing efforts that Dale makes to raise the profile of the at its helm over the years, including of course its immediate past President Richard, and we are delighted to now have Dale join that impressive line-up. I look forward to collaborating with him as we continue to drive the association forward.”

The new tenure coincides with a number of uncertainties affecting the pump sector, from supply-chain issues and the ongoing skills shortages, to the rising cost of energy, the changing legislative landscape, and the onset of recession. Commenting on his new role, Dale Croker said that appointment was “a privilege.” He added: “I look forward to working with the BPMA staff and members as we navigate our way through a very strange and challenging time here in the UK. No surprise that ongoing economic and political turmoil continues to present obstacles and uncertainty in the pump market, making the role of the BPMA as support for its members more relevant than ever.

He continued:” Through these times of change, the Association will continue its vision to influence the pump sector business environment in the interests of members’ competitiveness and sustainability and to increase sector awareness by providing technical support and pump technology training to members, operators and purchasers of pumping equipment.”