AI firm aims to help maximise gains from solar installation

solar panels

An AI technology company based in Southampton says it is making it easier for businesses and homeowners to install solar panels and get the best energy savings possible.

Absolar is a spin out company from the University of Southampton based on the University’s Science Park in Chilworth – and says it is using unique AI-based remote sensing and GIS technology to carry out remote solar surveys for any of the UK’s buildings, property portfolios and cities.

A solar audit – delivered by Absolar’s team of solar experts, made up of solar data scientists, property experts, and approved installers – includes energy profile analysis, system design, funding opportunities, structural surveys and obtaining any permissions required for the project to go ahead.

The aim is to help property owners, businesses, and local authorities to get the best performance out of solar panels to cut both their electricity bills and carbon emissions. Crucially Absolar will tell customers whether or not their properties are actually suitable for solar panels in the first place, long before they make the decision to purchase.

Absolar’s technology could help reduce energy costs and advise on renewable solutions – from initial decision making to complete installation project management and post-installation support.

Nic Cory, co-founder of Absolar, explains: “Not only is solar becoming an increasingly popular choice of renewable energy, the cost-of-living crisis continues to make life more difficult for families across the country who are struggling to pay their energy bills, forcing them to consider alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.”

“We perform a review of the case for installing solar to a property and even though the outlay can be expensive, many people will see the technology pay dividends and give them greater certainty about investing in solar.”

Nic went on:” And if households are really struggling, they can apply for Government funding which can be a huge help, such as ECO4. In the current climate, a typical 3-bedroom home can use around to £1,900 in electricity a year. However, by using Solar PV, families can typically see those bills drop by over 40%. With 7 million UK people/households* facing fuel poverty this winter, the knock-on effect long-term is that many households who are struggling to pay their energy bills could be lifted out of fuel poverty altogether.

As well as households, businesses also benefit hugely from Absolar’s pioneering technology. Nic explained: “Businesses are all about managing risk so they find our initial surveys very attractive because we can determine whether or not it’s worth them considering installing solar panels in the first place.”

“Once we get the go-ahead we then run the different installation stages in parallel so we can reduce the overall timescale to get the project up and running and paying for itself as quickly as possible.”

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