New water treatment technology for organic pollutants

SalmoClinic installation boat with Arvia water treatment containersThis article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Arvia.

Many water treatment processes have been around for many years, and they all have their uses. However, no single process can do everything, and many processes have many drawbacks which make their use difficult in certain situations.

Arvia’s CEO explained: “We realised that we could reduce the operating costs of water treatment by combining and refining two established technologies in one process.

Arvia developed and refined a unique next-generation water treatment process, called Nyex Rosalox™, designed to target and destroy persistent organic pollutants.

Nyex Rosalox™ uses a unique combination of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation. There are no moving parts and minimal maintenance as the process does not require chemical dosing to be effective and there is no toxic sludge to deal with. It’s perfect for an installation on a vessel, where space is a premium, such as described in this case study.

Client: SalmoClinic

SalmoClinic is a well-boat operator in Patagonia, working to help Salmon farmers administer medications easily and in a sustainable way. The salmon are transferred from the near shore fish pens into the well-boat tanks to be treated with medications to remove sea lice etc.


The problem was that after the treatment, the water contained a variety of pharmaceutical residues (APIs) which needed to be removed from the water before disposal, to protect the pristine waters of Patagonia.


SalmoClinic approached Arvia who were able to show removal of the chemicals, Azamethiphos, deltamethrin and cypermethrin, to trace levels, using their Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment process.

In the trials, Nyex Rosalox™ used less than 1kWh/m3 and removed the persistent organic compounds in less than 15 minutes.

“They have a very good human work team, and a technology that can bring many benefits to you, such as a better future for the environment.” Hans Kossmann, MD SalmoClinic.

To find out more about how the novel Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment system from Arvia works, visit their website here.