Easy-dose trace element tablet plus ‘best for British’ grass silage additive

AD experts FM BioEnergy has launched two exciting new products: a revolutionary easy-dosing 5-in-1 trace element digester additive and a brand-new silage additive designed to get the best biogas output from British grass.

Packages of BC.PRO 5G digester additiveThis article contains paid-for content produced in collaboration with FM BioEnergy.

Handy, safe, and convenient

Manufactured and developed by FM BioEnergy’s German product partner Schaumann BioEnergy, BC.PRO 5G is an all-in-one, handy-sized tablet containing the five main trace elements required for biological stability in an anaerobic digestion plant: nickel, selenium, cobalt, tungsten and molybdenum. The unique tablet design makes it easier than ever for plant operators to ensure optimum digester health and maximise their biogas yield by simply adding one of the individually-wrapped coated tablets into their plant’s feed hopper each day (based on a 1MW plant) – with no mixing, measuring or pouring required.

FM BioEnergy’s General Manager, Tim Elsome, says: “Rather than having to store, carry and dispense large, unwieldy tubs or bags of free-flowing granular additives, one week’s supply of BC.PRO 5G can easily be carried in one hand. Much like a dishwasher tablet, the tabs are coated with a water-soluble film, meaning they are safe to handle. No unwrapping or preparation is required – just like taking a multivitamin to keep your body healthy, simply drop one tablet per day into your digester to keep the biology stable.”

Reflecting the health of the industry

Tim continues: “As the AD industry has matured, so the general operational standards of plants have improved, with fewer sites requiring emergency intervention to stabilise their biology compared to five or more years ago. While we still advocate regular testing and monitoring to gauge overall digester health, daily use of BC.PRO 5G will keep healthy plants operating well, dosing the correct balance of the five key trace elements needed to ensure a healthy bacterial environment to aid the production of biogas. The fact that it’s available in a safe, easy-to-dose, one-a-day tablet form makes this product a real game changer.”

Silage additives created specifically for British grass.

New UK-specific silage additive

FM BioEnergy is also excited to reveal the latest addition to its range of award-winning silage additives. Specifically developed for use on UK grass silage, Silasil SG preserves the biogas potential of British grass in the clamp, helping on-farm AD operators to generate more methane and more profit.

“Previous grass silage additives were developed for European grasses, which are inherently different to those grown in the UK. Silasil SG addresses these differences, helping to reduce storage losses, prevent reheating at the clamp face during feed out, and protect against yeast and moulds.”

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