Trends and challenges shaping OT cybersecurity highlighted in online panel discussion

A leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, Schneider Electric is shedding light on the key trends and challenges impacting Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity via an online panel discussion featuring international leaders in the sector. The recorded session is packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies to help viewers to navigate the evolving landscape of OT cybersecurity, while protecting critical infrastructure, and ensuring business continuity.

The panel is made up of: Jay Abdallah, VP Cybersecurity Services at Schneider Electric; Andrew Nix, Cybersecurity Business Consultant at Schneider Electric; and Megan Samford, VP Product Cybersecurity and Chief Product Security Officer – energy management at Schneider Electric.

The deep dive into cybersecurity is set against a backdrop of the evolving OT landscape, understanding the trends that impact cyber protection for critical infrastructure.

Image of digital cybersecurity padlock with encrypted binary code on abstract circuit board.
Digital security padlock with encrypted binary code on abstract circuit board.

Rapid advancement in digital transformation has given rise to a number of factors that OT must consider carefully when setting their cybersecurity strategy. This webinar assesses each element of transformation and offers strategic guidance for modernising and streamlining OT cybersecurity.

Register and view the panel discussion here on-demand, it is essential viewing for organisations looking to simplify and consolidate their security infrastructure and ensure OT professionals have the tools they need to protect vital assets. In the wake of increasing cyberattacks on industry, it is integral for OT professionals to be aware of the latest government frameworks, issues with legacy assets, and even the impact of geopolitical uncertainty.

Meet the challenges of OT cybersecurity head-on with insight from industry experts, learn how to adapt to changing threats, and converge the worlds of IT and OT cybersecurity.

View the on-demand panel discussion here.