Sponsored content: Protection for submerged and shoreline pipelines

Sections of the pipe were wrapped in the contractor’s
yard (inset) then transported to site, whilst others were wrapped in-situ.

For over 50 years, SeaShield™ corrosion control systems have provided enduring protection on jetty piles and marine structures from the devastating effects of corrosion. The recent addition of the SeaShield 70/80™ System is a response to the industry’s need for a robust, UV-stable, easy-to-apply system designed specifically for submerged and shoreline pipelines situated in aggressive marine environments.

The SeaShield 70/80 System, from Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd, was created by combining a water-displacing petrolatum tape and primer with a tough PVC-backed bitumen tape (the SeaShield 80™ System) and a moisture-cured glass-fibre reinforced outerwrap (from the SeaShield 70™ System). The resulting system provides exceptional mechanical and impact strength and is available in three variations to suit the level of protection required.

The flexibility offered by the SeaShield 70/80 System marked it as the ideal choice for a recently completed project on the West Sussex coast. Leith Hill Plant Ltd., on behalf of Arun District Council, applied the heavy-duty version of the system in stages, both off-site and in-situ, to protect newly laid pipe sections on two outfall pipes that had previously suffered significant damage from shingle movement.