Instant access to real-time airborne asbestos data

Stonegate-InstrumentsThis article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Alert Technology.

Alert Technology writes: The award-winning ALERT PRO Connect is the world’s first and only real-time airborne asbestos monitor and alarm. Designed to reduce the risk of prolonged exposure, its patented design represents the biggest technological step change in asbestos safety management for decades.
Real-time alarms and a brand-new data set available via its cloud-based data platform ALERT CONNECT it is set to change the landscape of asbestos risk. Collecting data using location, date and time, ALERT provides a level of visibility previously unavailable.

Not intended to replace existing legislative requirements ALERT provides a complementary data set on airborne asbestos risk at a granular level. Providing visibility of short term and sporadic releases of fibres and real-time asbestos events users can now identify peak risk and the activity that lead to it.

The platform CONNECT allows users to easily monitor and manage multiple sites and ALERT devices (locally or remotely) setting up alarm notifications via SMS or email; creating and managing:- projects, users and reports; scheduling tests and more.

The ALERT PRO range is set to change the landscape of asbestos risk exposure its patented design differentiates between asbestos and non-asbestos fibres using light scattering technology and the paramagnetic properties of asbestos to deliver results with a 99% confidence level. Recipient of two Safety Innovation awards in 2023, including the British Demolition awards and BSIF, the ALERT PRO not only reduce the risk of prolonged exposure with real-time alarms it also offers a brand-new data set never available in asbestos risk management.