A technology edge for clean air

AQmesh-landfillThis article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Anua Clean Air UK.

Anua Clean Air UK writes: Anua Clean Air UK is a specialist air pollution control company with expertise in the field of biological treatment of air and biogas. Anua is an established leader in the field of high performance, low-cost emission abatement. This is primarily based on its patented Biofiltration and Bio Trickling technologies which utilise recovered media with properties which enhance the process.

Our MonashellTM and CrumRubberTM are patented sustainable technologies which use recovered materials as the critical filtration component. The unique properties of these materials enhance capture and treatment. This means that not only are harmful atmospheric pollutants removed, but the process also provides multiple benefits in terms of the circular economy and carbon footprint. The technology has low water and energy requirements, and requires no consumables).

For a number of years we have been very active in the UK, Ireland and in overseas markets including Italy, France, the Middle East, China and the US – activities conducted under the umbrella of parent company Anua Clean Air International and Italian sister firm Air Clean SRL

International Reference projects include Dual Pass Monashell Installations in Riyadh, Jeddah, Laguna Lake in the Philippine’s, Coimbatore in India, and Sindos in Greece. For our new CrumRubber technology we have supplied new installations in the Canary Islands, China, Oman and UK and Ireland. We are also very excited to be working with Air Clean SRL and Air Clean USA on the delivery of a number of new Dual Stage CrumRubber/Monashell installations in Puglia Southern Italy and for the US market in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island.

Anua Clean Air International also specialises in equipment health checks and process upgrades on existing odour control units and media replacement services. Over the past number of years we have continued to perform system health checks and media replacement services on the many hundreds of worldwide biological Air Treatment installations.