Camden & Islington councils adopt industrial infrared heating

London LAs strategically collaborate on sustainable heating system for Hornsey Street Refuse & Recycling Centre

Infrared heating specialist Shadow Industrial (SI) has been chosen to refit the heating systems at the London Boroughs of Camden and Islington’s jointly-owned Hornsey Street Refuse & Recycling Centre.

The decision to use SI’s heaters was made on the recommendation of M&E contractor, Vitalenergi London, which was appointed to update the site’s HVAC.

Replacing the building’s 300m2 existing AmbiRad fan heater system, at just over £25,000, the project will see Shadow Industrial fit 35 of its zero-emission, high-performance heaters across the entire facility. This comes in at a far lower cost, often a 50-75% saving, and increased efficiency than many other alternative electric heating systems.

Predicted to reduce energy consumption by 80%, this represents a landmark moment for shortwave infrared in industrial settings.

The replacement of existing heating systems with a low-cost, more sustainable alternative aligns with both Camden and Islington Council’s Climate Action Plans which seek to achieve Net Zero operational emissions by 2030.

As Graham Hughes from Islington Council says, “When Vitalenergi first introduced us to Shadow Industrial’s technology we were very impressed, particularly by its capabilities and relatively low operational costs. It’s going to make a massive contribution to our efforts, alongside Camden Council to reduce emissions. We’ll also be able to approach our heating strategy in a far more diverse way, keeping costs down and passing those savings onto taxpayers.”

The heat is on
Not only will Shadow Industrial’s heating systems shrink the centre’s carbon footprint, but it will also improve energy efficiency. This is predominantly due to the way shortwave infrared works, in contrast to traditional electric and gas-powered central heating. The technology works by emitting focused radiant heat through precisely-configured reflectors.

Essentially it heats the person, not the air around them, significantly reducing the amount of heat lost to the atmosphere. This comes into its own in large-span, high-ceilinged structures which experience heavy traffic constantly entering in and out, leading to a consistent draft. Wall-mounted or ceiling-hung, directed downwards at individuals, the energy creates a comfortable and instant warmth reminiscent of the gentle heat of the sun.

In control
Plug-and-play these lightweight heaters are easy to install and operate, compared to traditional systems, says Shadow Industrial (SI), making it possible to get a practical and scalable heating network up and running within an industrial facility quickly, with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

And unlike most gas and electric systems, says SI, these heaters can be turned on and off on demand as and when personnel are working in specific areas across the site. The instantaneousness of the heat emitted means it can deliver maximum effectiveness at the click of a switch, and extinguish at the same rate. This means no part of the build is heated unnecessarily.

As Luke Chappell, Vitalenergi’s lead design engineer (mechanical) on the project says, “Shortwave infrared’s set to be a serious market disruptor in the industrial heating market. It’s a game-changer for local authority and public sector projects, which are both subject to strict sustainability briefs and budgetary constraints. We cannot wait to see the positive impact Shadow Industrial’s heaters will have on those working within, and managing, the Hornsey Street Refuse & Recycling Centre. The Shadow Industrial team has been amazing throughout the process and we looking forward to partnering again on future projects.”

Installation of Shadow Industrial’s new system was completed at the start of Q2 2024.

To find out more about Shadow Industrial and its shortwave infrared products click here.