PFAS treatment start-up changes name and announces successful fund-raise to accelerate growth

Puraffinity, a spin-out from Imperial College London, that develops advanced materials for selectively removing target chemical compounds from water, has announced an oversubscribed seed...

Welsh rivers in urban locations still have damaged food chains and fewer species of...

Toxic chemicals from past decades could be hindering the recovery of Britain’s urban rivers, concludes a recent study by scientists from Cardiff University, the...

Firm pays £150k to charity after spill

Stoke-on-Trent company, Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd, has donated £150,000 to The Trent Rivers Trust, following a pollution incident in the summer of 2015

Automation is the answer?

Envirotec spoke to Kirk Meikle of Darcy Spillcare, who believes many will be unaware of spill prevention system's present-day affordability and ease of installation .

Extolling the virtues of bespoke water quality measurement

Bespoke water quality measurement systems can address highly specific requirements. Water-quality instrumentation manufacturer Pollution and Process Monitoring (PPM) says it has a customer base...

Newly discovered microbes guzzle greenhouse gases (and maybe oil spills)

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin’s Marine Science Institute have discovered nearly two dozen new types of microbes, many of which use...

Conference aims to collate lessons

The theme of this year’s Premiam Conference was “Looking back and moving Forward”
The MBARI group used a biodegradeable dye to simulate an oil spill and test the capabilities of AUVs to perform useful monitoring and tracking functions

Robots fill a void

The challenge of tracking underwater oil plumes is starting to be addressed by the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Recent months have seen a number of groups discussing experiments to evaluate this capability
An aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef

Reef spill should prompt review

Reports that a cruise vessel discharged several thousand litres of food waste and grey water into the Great Barrier Reef should send a clear message that MARPOL Annex IV needs urgent revision

Local authority SuDS demand prompts UK production deal, says supplier

Increasing Local Authority planning requirements for compliant Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in major developments is boosting demand for water quality treatment components, says supplier...

35% of microplastics released into the world’s oceans are from synthetic textiles, says IMechE...

Institution of Mechanical Engineers calls for urgent action to prevent the 6 million microfibres released from a typical 5kg wash load of polyester fabrics...

Pinpointing pollution sources

Steve Mustow of WYG on why we need to ensure that nutrient pollution control doesn't stand in the way of new development while continuing to protect sensitive aquatic environments

Cleaning spills with magnets

A seemingly new approach to oil-water separation – with implications for cleaning up oil and wastewater spills - has been developed by researchers at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Water companies need to do more to protect the environment, says EA report

Water companies need to do more to protect the environment, says a new Environment Agency report published on 11 July 2018. Although there has been...

Firm to unveil new sensors at oil spill monitoring event in June

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) is among the sponsors of the 4th Premiam Conference "Post Spill Monitoring, Looking Back and Moving Forward" on the 21st...

Wastewater treatment plants are key route into UK rivers for microplastics, says study

Water samples from UK rivers contain significantly higher concentrations of microplastics downstream from wastewater treatment plants, a new study appears to reveal

UK Government announces £200k to fund research into microplastics pollution pathways

The UK Government has awarded £200k to a group at the University of Plymouth to conduct research that aims to better understand the nature...

EA water quality report “woefully short on action” to control runoff pollution

An Environment Agency (EA) state-of-the-nation update, warning that 86% of England’s water bodies fail to meet ‘good’ status, is strong on facts but falls woefully short on action

‘Far too many serious pollution incidents’ says Environment Agency water quality report

Environment Agency Chair Emma Howard Boyd has called on water companies and farmers to cut the amount of pollution incidents harming England’s waters and...

Novel biomaterial for PFCs removal wins €1.4m grant

CustoMem says the bio-adsorbent can selectively capture micropollutants like Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) from wastewater