Dangers and opportunities of digital transformation explored at British Water Data Conference

The sixth British Water Data Conference, which took place on 3 November 2022, kicked off with a warning from keynote speaker Oliver Grieveson on...

White paper validates innovative oxygen transfer technology 

A new, industry-verified white paper validates the oxygen transfer efficiency of an innovative, gas infusion technology for water and wastewater treatment. The trademarked Dissolved Gas...

Sponsored Content: Custom wedge gate valves

Valves expert T-T Flow writes: When there was a requirement for custom wedge gate valves to facilitate the transition to new metric pipework at a major water treatment works, T-T Flow stepped in to provide the perfect solution that would also maintain the ability to isolate flow.

Sponsored Content: The first-ever insurance for buildings that is driving water efficiency

Data collected from across 5000 buildings by Belgian company Shayp reveals that one in three buildings is leaking, accounting for over 20% of a building’s total water consumption on average.

No feed tank needed

Yorkshire Water has partnered with Saveco in the deployment of a new sludge screen technology, a UK first.

Screens test

Water technology firm Hydro International writes about recent success with cutting the Opex costs and carbon footprint at a wastewater treatment plant run by Scottish Water.

Ocean appointment: Fukushima water discharge facilities under construction

A coastal facility will dilute and release wastewater from the former nuclear plant at Fukushima Daiichi, beginning in Spring 2023. Not all dangerous isotopes will be removed, notably Tritium.

Optimisation opportunity

Pump manufacturer KSB writes about its involvement in a recent project to upgrade a 50-year-old potable water pumping station in Canada. The station supplies around 420k people and provides up to 340m L/day

WIMES makes peristaltic points clearer

Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has helped with a revision of the Water Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specifications (WIMES), opening up peristaltic pumps to more potential customers in the UK water industry.

Diving in for valve repair

British Camp reservoir, located in the picturesque Malvern Hills, was the focus of valve repair work recently undertaken by ECS Engineering Services.

Sponsored Content: Adding value with advice, not just supply

The desire for speed of supply in the water and power utilities sectors can often mean that actuator specifications are repeated, based on a like-for-like replacement.

Call for Thames Water to make swift upgrades to Cassington sewage works after Wolvercote...

Oxford-based Wolvercote Mill Stream - the only official swimming spot on the Thames – has failed bacteria safety tests. Environmental charity Thames21 has warned...

Sponsored Content: New trials show next generation adsorbent performs better at removing GenX water...

GenX chemical contaminants, which don’t degrade in the environment and have been linked to several serious health concerns like cancers, reproductive issues and the reduced efficacies of vaccines, could soon be eliminated more quickly and more effectively.

How digital technologies contribute to universal drinking water

Digital water technologies have an important role in ensuring universal access to safe drinking water by 2030, that is according to a new report...

When wastewater treatment plants catch a cold

New research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, attempts to reveal the impact of viral infection on a wastewater treatment plant, and the surrounding...

PFAS persists through wastewater treatment, may enter crops

PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a group of more than 4,700 fully synthetic compounds that are widely used in industrial and manufacturing processes and found...

Complaint launched after government misses legal deadline on environmental protections

On 1 November green groups submitted a letter of complaint to Defra after the Government failed to meet a legal deadline on setting new...

Unblocktober survey reveals discouraging drain habits persist

97% of British public ‘worried’ about environmental damage of drain habits that two thirds of the population still engage in A new survey of 1,758...

Microplastics: Six surprising everyday things that contain and release them

Microplastics have become so widespread that they have been discovered in fresh Antarctic snow. They enter the environment in all kinds of ways, not...

Electrical submersible pumps expert makes key acquisition

Pump Supplies, the owner and operator of the UK’s largest hire fleet of electric submersible pumps and accessories, has acquired Stockport-based PD Pumps Ltd....