‘Game-changing’ water level sensor

Instrumentation firm OTT Hydromet has launched a new water level sensor, the OTT PLS 500, which combines robust reliability and accuracy with the advantages of smart sensor technology. Building on decades of experience, the redesigned PLS 500 retains key elements of the trusted, robust, and reliable OTT PLS, while enhancing the sensor to be intuitive and user friendly, says the company.

An accidental life: Serendipity and synthetic biology yield novel sensor

Combining synthetic biology with materials innovation, a bioelectronic sensor demonstrates the possibilities of using specially engineered bacteria to provide real-time sensing of chemical pollutants. Importantly, the microbes are encapsulated to avoid their release.

Safeguarding tech on trial

Digital technology company InfoTiles has won the opportunity to demonstrate its water management platform - which helps guard against I&I - with a municipality in western Switzerland.
Dale Croker

Systems steward: New leader at the British Pump Manufacturers Association

Continuing in his role as managing director of pumps manufacturer KSB UK, Dale Croker takes over the BPMA post following a two-year tenure as vice president.

Nonstationary models help better predict floods, says group

Researchers have identified a method they say can be used to predict flood frequency more reliably than currently used models by considering changing conditions,...

Swedish study attempts analysis of harm posed by antibiotic residues in water

Antibiotic residues in wastewater and wastewater treatment plants in the regions around China and India risk contributing to antibiotic resistance, and the drinking water...

Time to turn grey concrete into green space to stop London flooding?

Green Party London Assembly Member Zack Polanski has issued a statement lamenting inaction on the implementation of forward-looking drainage strategies in London. At a time...

Researchers propose new structures to harvest freshwater from ocean surface

An almost limitless supply of fresh water exists in the form of water vapour above Earth’s oceans, yet remains untapped, it seems. A new...

Sponsored Content: top tips for wastewater process optimisation

Amidst spiralling costs for energy, fuel, chemicals and just about everything else, there’s never been a better time to optimise your wastewater treatment process. Let’s take a journey through a typical site to identify areas where savings can be made.

Sponsored Content: Does TOC represent the future of wastewater analysis?

Measuring the organic content of wastewater is an essential process for assessing contamination levels, environmental trends and water purification methods. To deliver the required insights, however, labs must be able to rely on efficient, consistent and high-quality analytical methods.

Designing better water filters with AI

Even the best water filters let some things through, but designing improved materials and then testing them is time consuming and difficult. Researchers writing...

Confusion over regulations hampering water equipment innovation

A common misunderstanding over water fittings regulations in the UK is creating confusion over clean water equipment compliance and specification, and could be a...

Action pledged at cross-sector FOG summit

  The hospitality sector has made a call for clarity from UK water companies around their requirements for the disposal of fat, oil and grease...

New approach offers single-step treatment for arsenic decontamination

Researchers identify specific catalysts to clean and improve water quality for millions of people A team of researchers from Imperial College London has been working...

Dangers and opportunities of digital transformation explored at British Water Data Conference

The sixth British Water Data Conference, which took place on 3 November 2022, kicked off with a warning from keynote speaker Oliver Grieveson on...

White paper validates innovative oxygen transfer technology 

A new, industry-verified white paper validates the oxygen transfer efficiency of an innovative, gas infusion technology for water and wastewater treatment. The trademarked Dissolved Gas...

Sponsored Content: Custom wedge gate valves

Valves expert T-T Flow writes: When there was a requirement for custom wedge gate valves to facilitate the transition to new metric pipework at a major water treatment works, T-T Flow stepped in to provide the perfect solution that would also maintain the ability to isolate flow.

Sponsored Content: The first-ever insurance for buildings that is driving water efficiency

Data collected from across 5000 buildings by Belgian company Shayp reveals that one in three buildings is leaking, accounting for over 20% of a building’s total water consumption on average.

No feed tank needed

Yorkshire Water has partnered with Saveco in the deployment of a new sludge screen technology, a UK first.

Screens test

Water technology firm Hydro International writes about recent success with cutting the Opex costs and carbon footprint at a wastewater treatment plant run by Scottish Water.