Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tag: EA

Making sense of sewage discharge data

More data is becoming available to help with understanding why so much sewage is being spilled in UK rivers, and fascinating efforts are underway to interpret it and present it to the public in an accessible and transparent format. Envirotec reviews the latest data, tools and what experts believe we can learn.

Sites must fulfil water protection obligations

With public attention on corporate environmental activities, there is particular pressure on industrial companies to limit their impact on the local water environment, says Adam Parmenter, industrial sales manager at WPL.

New land contamination guidance

The EA has published its updated Land Contamination guidance: Risk Management (LCRM) document, which overrides the existing CLR11 publication .

Weedscreen solves pumping station maintenance issues

MAINTAINING the land drainage scheme in Lincolnshire is an important task for the Environment Agency (EA) and the pumping stations used to control water...