Saturday, September 25, 2021

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HRS systems components connected by ethernet

Sponsored Content: The future potential of process control systems

Thanks to developments such as Industry 4.0, digitisation, and the cloud, together with improvements in process control and communication technology, it is easier than ever for equipment manufacturers to offer remote assistance and monitoring.

Sponsored Content: Digester temperature: To heat or to cool?

Maintaining an optimal digester temperature is a key aspect of maximising biogas production and overall process efficiency in anaerobic digestion (AD). Not only is temperature essential to maintain a healthy colony of bacteria, but it can reduce retention times and improve material circulation – thereby helping to increase the production capacity of the whole process.

Sponsored content: Covid shines light on efficiency in water asset management

With the global Coronavirus crisis coinciding with the start of AMP7, what is the current state of play, and how should water companies prioritise their spending and investment in the circumstances?
Biogas piping

The benefits of drying biogas

Biogas generated from anaerobic digestion (AD) contains a mixture of compounds including water vapour. This is not always considered by those burning biogas in a combine heat and power (CHP) facility.

The heat is on for AD plants

A few thoughts on the benefits and practicalities of using heat exchangers in wastewater AD, from Matt Hale of thermal technology expert HRS Heat...