SCFI Strengthens Offering with Air Products Partnership

SCFI Strengthens Offering with Air Products Partnership

Irish firm SCFI has announced an alliance with Air Products to streamline its customer offering whilst further developing commercial opportunities for AquaCritox®, its environmentally sustainable sludge and wet industrial waste destruction technology.

The alliance supports end users of AquaCritox by combining all the components needed (including both technology itself and the required oxygen equipment and supply) to deliver 99.99%+ organic wet waste destruction on site in a single-step, energy-positive process. It also marks the start of a joint global marketing initiative, as AquaCritox joins Air Products’ portfolio of atmospheric, process and speciality gases, performance materials and technology.

AquaCritox provides a unique, sustainable solution to the treatment of wet wastes (such as industrial organic wet waste streams, sewage and drinking water sludge). Its advanced super critical water oxidation (SCWO) process fully destructs wet waste, by oxidising all organic materials present and converting them into CO2, nitrogen and clean water. The process is sustainable, efficient and cost-effective, and is capable of simultaneously generating renewable energy, which can be recovered for heat applications or for the generation of electricity.

Under the alliance, Air Products will operate as SCFI’s preferred supplier in major markets for all oxygen equipment used during the SCWO process (from pumps to liquid storage tanks), as well as providing the oxygen supply needed to reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of waste.

SCFI chief operating officer David Kerr explains: “We are delighted to announce our latest alliance with Air Products. By working together we can offer end users a full package solution that delivers seamless destruction of organic wet waste on site as an alternative to incineration. Not only does AquaCritox provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to this and other contentious and costly disposal methods available today (such as landfill and land spreading), it also does so in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.”

The addition of AquaCritox to the Air Products portfolio will also help drive commercialisation on a global scale. Marketing support from Air Products will include lead generation activity, direct marketing initiatives and events.

Karolien Vanvooren-Hulsbosch, Water and Industrial Cryo Segment Manager Europe at Air Products says: “At Air Products we are committed to developing technologies to service the energy markets of the future. We recognise the huge potential AquaCritox has to revolutionise the treatment and disposal of wet wastes globally, as a secure and sustainable alternative to traditional practices. We look forward to working closely with the SCFI team to develop suitable business opportunities across the wet waste treatment industry and for our customers.”