Huber unit solves the problem of disposal costs

HUBER Technology is reporting success with its latest sludge treatment machine, the RoFAS, which has been used in several applications by waste water treatment customers.
The RoFAS unit is an inclined perforated rotating wash drum with internal washing and its capabilities were brought to the fore when Huber was contacted by a client to look at a technique for handling waste from pump stations, tank clean-outs, debris from sewer blockages and sewer jetting debris.
The client was using tankers that were removing anything ranging from sludge, grit and stones, bricks, and heavy deposits of grease all mixed in with sewage. The result was a lengthy and labour-intensive process accompanied by high disposal costs.
Huber proposed that the RoFAS would be the answer for a client who had approached other suppliers without success.
The RoFAS enables vactor tankers to connect directly up to the drum. Once they start to discharge the drum is automatically started, internal spray bars break down and wash the material as it is transported up to the discharge chute while at the same time spray bars on the outside clean it as it rotates. The washed-out material is discharged into the inlet of the treatment works and the cleaned waste material is collected in a skip.
“The RoFAS has had a significant impact, giving the client a reliable solution, particularly with reduced disposal costs and improved operational efficiency,” said Huber.