Boiler treats oily wastewater

Babcock’s Wanson HEB 420 hot water boiler is is being used by Nature Group to process offshore waste

NATURE Group, a specialist in the handling of MARPOL (marine pollution) waste streams and offshore waste from the oil industry, has installed a Babcock Wanson HEB 420 Hot Water Boiler into one of its newest overseas treatment facilities, which is designed to treat oil contaminated wastewater.

In line with MARPOL Annexes I-V, which aims to preserve the marine environment through the elimination of pollution by oil and other harmful substances, Nature Group’s Port Reception Facilities collect and treat more than 200,000 m3 of offshore waste every year. The contaminated water is treated by various treatment processes, including bacteria from natural biological processes, and the oil recovered during the treatment is recycled for further industrial use.

The application
In this latest facility, the Babcock Wanson HEB 420 Hot Water Boiler is used to pre heat the tanks containing the wastewater, up to 100°C at 5 bar pressure, before it enters the treatment process.
The treated water is safely discharged into the sea whist the recovered oil is fed back into the process to fuel the Hot Water Boiler for maximum efficiency. A true example of efficient energy recycling!
The HEB 420 was installed by Babcock Wanson UK in a bespoke boiler house, which is also home to the fuel tank, pipework and boiler controls. The system is operated approximately every three months when enough wastewater has been collected and stored.

How it works
Babcock Wanson’s HEB Boiler is a forced-circulation, fully automatic, oil or gas fired packaged unit, specifically designed for high efficiency and long working life. The reverse flame design provides optimum furnace loading and the radial firetube assembly minimises material stresses. An easily reversible front door allows simple and quick access for inspection of the combustion chamber and reversal tubes without the need to remove the burner.
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