Pipe liner is clear solution for Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water agreed to trial the Skotchkote Pipe Protection liner, which helped minimise disruption to local services

AROUND 500 Yorkshire homes are receiving an improved quality of water as a result of the first commercial project undertaken in the UK using an innovative pipe lining system from diversified technology company 3M.

Scotchkote Pipe Protection Liner 2100 by 3M is a rapid setting lining system for the non-structural lining of drinking water mains. Designed for pipes 3in – 36in in diameter, the system is applied in-situ, reducing the need for the excavation of pipelines.
Iron corrosion products had started to affect a number of pipelines, discolouring the water supply for customers in the area. Yorkshire Water, which has been using pipe lining solutions from 3M for fifteen years, agreed to trial the new product. This followed its approval under Regulation 31(4)(a) of the UK Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, an industry standard ensuring that drinking water quality is acceptable to consumers.
Morrison Utility Services (MUS) employed the specialist sub-contractor White Utilities to apply the solution to 1783 metres of 4in diameter mains in Killinghall, North Yorkshire. The rapid curing characteristics of the product help ensure that the return to service procedures can begin 60 minutes after completion of the lining operation.
The integrated team of MUS and White Utilities installed 16 linings of approximately 111 metres each over a period of 10 working days. Every lining was installed in just under six hours, resulting in same day return to service for the consumers and minimal road traffic disruption.
Steve Taylor from Yorkshire Water said: “As a longstanding customer of 3M, we were proud to be the first water utility in the UK to apply the 2100 liner. It was successfully implemented with minimal disruption and as a result we will be using it in another pipe rehabilitation programme.”
Ian Tindell of the 3M Electrical Markets Division added: “Yorkshire Water is at the forefront of the water industry in terms of the way they use new technologies and 3M is well-aligned with this approach. The 2100 pilot was a great success and we look forward to seeing it used in future projects.”
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