Demand for specialist waste expertise


DEALING primarily with industrial services and hazardous waste disposal, BKP Waste and Recycling offers a wide range of specialist services which include operating a fully licensed hazardous waste transfer station that can accept chemicals, paints and pharmaceutical waste through to electrical goods and various other dry waste matter of which over 85% is recycled.

Recently BKP has expanded its operation to include a fully licensed liquid waste transfer and treatment station at its Casbrook Park Timsbury site to handle waste streams such as onshore drilling muds, interceptor and gully residues as well as oily water, sewage and leachates. BKP’s Casbrook Park depot has the advantage of being the only site in Hampshire and its surrounding counties to accept these waste types and will shortly be opening its facility to accept waste from third parties. This expansion has only been made possible by BKP’s significant initial investment in the Moos liquid and wet waste treatment systems manufactured on its behalf by Dexter Watson York. The system’s makeup includes the AVC dewatering units, a polymer make up and dosing unit, and the final piece is the oily water separator (OAVC) which is connected to an Industrial water heater with a 150 kW two-stage burner.
BKP looks forward to growing the liquid treatment side of the business and working further with Simon Moos and Dexter Watson to achieve these goals. Dexter Watson Limited is the Moos UK & Ireland agent for sales and provides both technical support and spares.