EV training video

NAPIT Training has released an electric vehicle training taster video for the benefit of any installer who is considering a move into this promising technology. Regular positive news within the industry suggests a likely rise in popularity for electric vehicles and thus a probable increase in charging point installation work.
2013 saw sales of electric vehicles double within the European Union. Should growth continue at this rate, by 2020 we could see almost 500,000 sold and by 2030 more than two million, accounting for fifteen per cent of all new car sales.
News of new models should encourage this growth in the UK as the second best selling new car in 2013, the Ford Focus, has recently been joined on the forecourt by its electric counterpart. The Volkswagen eGolf is also due for release. EV company Tesla Motors has opened its second UK store and service centre.
The Government has recently announced that ministers will soon be driven to official appointments in electric cars. From autumn this year, more than 150 electric vehicles will be gradually introduced to the official Government fleet with charging points to be installed on Downing Street.
The Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign makes EVs a more financially attractive option for consumers by offering a ‘Plug-in Grant’ of up to £5,000 to cover 25 per cent of an electric car and up to £8,000 for an electric van. Charge point costs may also be alleviated with a grant to cover up to 75 per cent, capped at £1,000.
The training video was filmed at the NAPIT EXPO 2014 where visitors could attend a selection of free taster sessions, a new addition to the tradeshow this year.
You can view NAPIT Training’s electric vehicle charging point installation taster video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6fZVNFjfew&feature=youtu.be If you would like to book the full course, call 0845 543 0330 or visit www.napittraining.co.uk