A slimline option for water treatment facilities

A seemingly innovative solid-concentrate water treatment system has been launched by Chem-Aqua, the water treatment platform within water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH. The product, HandiChem – comprising two parts: HandiPak and HandiFeed – is said to reduce the weight and handling burden in water treatment facilities and can also help reduce customers’ carbon footprints.
A case of 4x5kg jars of HandiPak provides the equivalent of 120L of traditional liquid treatment, containing similar actives as liquid formulas. It helps manage mineral-scale build-up, metal corrosion and microbial growth, which can all lead to higher energy and water costs if left untreated.

Why use it?
The new HandiChem system eliminates the traditionally arduous task of transporting, handling and storing large, often 200L, drums of liquid chemicals. The eco-friendly formula is less hazardous to use and more degradable after discharge, according to the firm.

Where to use it
HandiChem consists of HandiPak, a solid concentrate and HandiFeed, an automatic dispensing system. All water treatment processes in commercial buildings and plant facilities will be able to use the new product, including boilers, cooling and process water systems.
HandiChem is ideal for traditionally hard to access places, such as rooftop cooling towers, making it ideal for cooling tower treatment. It provides the same high performance as traditional liquid programmes.
“Water treatment is a fact of life for most commercial buildings and plant facilities that use water, electricity and steam for heating and cooling,” explained Brian Booth, VP of the Water Treatment Innovation Platform at NCH Europe.
“The high concentration of chemical in HandiChem products is inherently efficient. The dosing equipment, being wall mounted, frees up valuable floor space.
“To complement HandiPak, we’ve developed HandiFeed, an automated dispensing system that uses a clever design to spray a jet of water into the jars of solid-concentrate. The resulting solution formed in the Handifeeder is far more dilute than the traditional liquid concentration in the drum, thereby reducing the risks of chemical exposure,” concluded Booth.
Process intensive applications can yield a higher return on investment by eliminating the costs associated with drum and packaging disposal, says Chem-Aqua. HandiChem is also said to eliminate chemical waste disposal, delivering 100 per cent consumption of chemical at the point of use.