Sponsored Content: Reliable technology for the H2 revolution

GDS Technologies says it offers a diverse and bespoke range of gas detection solutions, underpinned by market-leading innovation. Built on an ethos of integrity and customer commitment, the company designs and manufactures products positioned to take advantage of the hydrogen revolution.

With countries increasingly committed to the use of renewable energy sources, hydrogen (as a clean and viable replacement for fossil fuels) has the potential to score an instant win and is widely viewed as indispensable in the race for net-zero emissions. Processes that break the molecular structure of water into its constituent elements of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) mean a cleaner alternative to hydrogen production, and technologies to do this economically look likely to come online soon.

With water being the only direct emission, the so-called ‘Hydrogen Highway’ is starting to see real traction with the emergence of hydrogen fuel cell batteries to power cars, buses, trains and aircraft. This is a game-changer for the energy transition, and we could see the development of an economy worth 100 billion Euros annually by 2025.

Hydrogen technology will support efforts to reduce carbon emissions in many industries and sectors, including utilities, industrial, battery charging, off-peak excess power grid feed and much more.

GDS offers hydrogen gas detection using proven, robust and reliable technology compatible with worldwide safe and hazardous area applications. A cost-effective compact package, the F6 Hydrogen gas detector conforms to international standards ATEX, IECEx.

Features include explosion-proof (Exd IIC) rating for high-risk gas and other environments. The detector is available in 0~100% LEL range, and with the addition of GDS aspirator sensor units to support working at heights, and in addressable or standalone variants. Parts are rugged and reliable, and GDS technologies offers the highest standard of customer support.