Friday, February 26, 2021

House developers could be the secret weapon to improving air quality, say experts

House developers and urban planners could become the unlikely heroes in the battle against the “new tobacco” – air pollution – say researchers...

Pakistan: Hazardous air puts lives at risk, says Amnesty

Smog near the India-Pakistan border. The government’s failure to protect people from exposure to hazardous air in Punjab risks violating their human rights to life...

Political and business leaders meet to agree new action for tackling air pollution

An international clean air summit, hosted on 23 October by the Mayor of London, attended by government ministers and the head of the World...

Grant award for project to tackle air pollution in West African cities

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the University of York have been awarded a grant for a project that aims to give West African cities access to low-cost air pollution monitoring technologies

Higher air pollution days trigger hundreds of cardiac arrests and hospitalisations for strokes and...

New data shows that hundreds of children and adults are suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrests or being sent to hospital for strokes or severe asthma attacks on days when air pollution levels are higher in nine major cities across England

“Smart cube” model for wind tunnels could help improve accuracy of air pollution data

A project led by the University of Surrey will manufacture a miniature building model with the aim being to help develop a better understanding of how to tackle air pollution in cities across the world

Sorex Sensors launch first dust sensor based on film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology

The University of Cambridge spin-out has launched its first product based on its seemingly breakthrough sensor technology

Consultancy to assess air quality in Epping Forest

The environmental team at engineering consultancy Idom Merebrook Ltd (IDOM) has been appointed by the City of London to work on a project assessing...

New network of weather stations in Sheffield

Instrumentation firm OTT HydroMet is installing fifteen automatic weather stations as part of the University of Sheffield’s Urban Flows Observatory, which is led by...

Air pollution map goes global, with more localised detail, and covering more pollutants

Air quality expert EarthSense has announced a new release of its MappAir® high-resolution map of air pollution, with powerful new features and improved scalability...

An independent approach to air?

Scotland's clean air strategy “is generally performing quite well by EU and global comparison”, according to an independent review .

Managing NOx gas emissions from combustion

Pollution can only be managed effectively if it is monitored effectively. So, as political pressure increases on measures to limit the emissions of the oxides of nitrogen, James Clements, managing director of UK analyser manufacturer Signal Group, explains the current issues and the latest advances in monitoring technology .

Collaboration targets graphene sensors

Graphene-based sensors that can measure air quality seem to be getting closer to mass production, according to claims .

Study links fine particles to death rates

Exposure to toxic air pollutants is linked to increased cardiovascular and respiratory death rates, according to a new, international study

Treat citizens as partners, not participants, to improve air quality research

Encouraging citizens to take part in almost every step of scientific air quality research improves their understanding of how air pollution affects their health,...

Ordnance Survey involved in project to reduce traffic jams and air pollution

A partnership between Ordnance Survey, the Department for Transport, the British Parking Association, and GeoPlace, could dramatically reduce traffic congestion on UK roads by...

London’s air quality goes online

Detailed information on London’s air pollution will now (starting 24 July) be published on, the website for a new collaborative project to paint a clearer picture of the city’s air quality .

Sponsored content: Monitoring airflow in road tunnels

Article provided by CODEL International Ltd. Find out more at In most road tunnels there are ventilation systems installed of which there are three...

Air treatment solution undergoes tests at Paris underground station

An innovative air treatment solution has been undergoing tests in the Parisian underground station Alexandre Dumas (Line 2). The system, called "IP’AIR", is being tested...

Over 70% of Brits oblivious to indoor air’s deadly impact

Veolia calls for stricter guidelines to avoid 20,000 related deaths every year ("but there is a tech solution," adds the firm) Public awareness of the...