Major investment in ATEX crawlers and push-rods

Responding to increased market demand for equipment that is certified for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX), Ashtead Technology has become one of the...

Partnership to manage waste and recycling associated with plastic pipelines

A new total waste management partnership brings together plastic pipeline solutions manufacturer Radius Systems and waste management expert Axil Integrated Services (Axil). Radius Systems...

UV lining is highway drainage first for motorway improvement

Lanes Group is implementing what is said to be the first project to extensively line highway drainage pipes as part of a Smart Motorway...

Class action: The benefits of rigid pipeline systems

The bedding Class specified for buried pipes can vary depending on a number of factors including the material and type of pipe installed....

New levels of ease and efficiency claimed for pipeline replacement solution

Kobus Services, a firm specialising in utility pipeline replacement technology, has launched its 400 Series Pipe Puller, which is said to provide a state-of-the-art...

A sustainable alternative to Portland cement for corrosive applications?

Sustainably produced concrete mixtures from mineral residues and waste materials could partially replace Portland cement-based concrete in the future, especially in application environments prone...

New chemical-resistant flexible couplings

VIP-Polymers has launched a new chemical resistant flexible coupling under its VIPSeal® brand
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

Access point advice

There are benefits to using inspection chambers to access drains and sewers for cleaning, testing, inspection and maintenance, says the BPF Pipes Group in lieu of releasing a new guide on the topic.

Prime cleaning for smaller bore drainage

Picote Solutions has recently launched its latest high-speed pipeline cleaning system for the drainage market, the Mini Cleaner .

A lining challenge with a difference

Trench technology specialist CJ Kelly Associates recently supplied the Brawoliner 3D lining system to Cambridgeshire-based lining contractor Dalrod for installation on what at first appeared to be an "almost impossible" lining project

“World’s biggest” gate valves deployed in Texas water pipeline project

In recent months Yorkshire based Blackhall Valves has played an important role in the gargantuan Integrated Pipeline Project (IPL), intended to improve the water...

Viewing deep shafts in the round cuts survey times and costs, reports drainage firm

Drainage specialist Lanes Group has used advanced camera survey technology to dramatically cut the cost, time and inconvenience to the public of surveying more...

Multi-liner pipe project success

A multi-disciplinary team of drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc has completed the lining of a drainage pipe nearly 1-km long on behalf of a contractor working for Scottish Water

Clearing tarmac and concrete

Sewer and pipe renovation specialist CJ Kelly International recently assisted with a pipe cleaning project undertaken by drainage contractor Fastflow Drains

Piping systems trade group produces guide to branch connections for water and gas mains

Making effective branch connections in live water and gas mains is now supported by new guidance from the BPF Pipes Group. The guidance has been...

Swift pipe re-lining avoids disruption

ANGLIAN Water has succeeded in carrying out emergency maintenance on a water pipe running underneath a busy road using a pipe renewal liner material...
man holding tablet infront van

Utility uses 3d asset mapping

Essex & Suffolk Water is working with technology company MGISS to improve the accuracy and currency of asset data while future proofing corporate systems. This is to support investment in augmented virtual reality visualisations and digital twin project for creating digital replicas of physical infrastructure.
The SeeSnake range is for inspecting small to medium diameter pipelines.

CCTV inspection for small spaces

INSPECTION using CCTV equipment has become the norm when it comes to understanding the state of repair and the operational condition of most pipeline...

TV documentary performs fatberg autopsy under London’s streets

A Channel 4 fatberg documentary featuring Thames Water is being aired on Tuesday 24 April. Fatberg Autopsy: Secret of the Sewers will - in Channel...

Culvert relining without tears?

Structural renovation lining works have been delivered to thirteen sections of culvert in Leverington, Cambridgeshire, with seemingly minimal disruption