Sunday, October 17, 2021
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UKWIR failure database revamp gets underway

A review of UKWIR’s National Failure Database for pipe assets is being carried out by Servelec Technologies. The work will examine the business case for continuing development and support of the NFD, which benchmarks failure rates for water distribution mains and sewers in the UK and Ireland.

New performance benchmark for detonation flame arresters, says supplier

Elmac Technologies has developed the UCA Series of unstable detonation arresters, said to offer better pressure drop and flow performance than any equivalent stable...

Plastic piping trade group starts ‘best practice’ webinar series

In line with promoting best practice across the construction industry the BPF Pipes Group says it has launched a series of informative lunchtime webinars,...

New group resource showcases the options for PE gas pipe jointing

As part of its ongoing work to capture and share pipeline engineering know-how, the BPF Pipes Group has created a key resource for engineers...
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Enhanced flow flame arresters

PREVENTING the propagation of pipeline explosions requires the use of flame arresters. Important improvements in this technology are claimed for a new range of...

Non-contacting flow measurement in Milwaukee deep tunnel system

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) serves a population of 1.1 million across 28 communities on the shore of Lake Michigan. Since 1994, MMSD has...

New hold/release cleaning system for sewer pipelines

Engineering design firm Reece Innovation offers some background on its new 'Flusher Gate', which promises to make sewer pipes self-cleaning. Ever since pipelines began to...
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Access point advice

There are benefits to using inspection chambers to access drains and sewers for cleaning, testing, inspection and maintenance, says the BPF Pipes Group in lieu of releasing a new guide on the topic.

Patch lining succeeds where stopper’s come up short

LANES Group has used a no-dig patch lining technique to support the decommissioning of drainage pipes on a production site of leading global manufacturer...

Repairing a big pipe

A rapid setting repair mortar manufactured by Flexcrete Technologies has been used during the repair and protection of an aqueduct which carries 570 million...

Bespoke fabrication for Hinkley Point C

Flexenergy’s specialist prefabrication expertise has played a key role in a modular village providing a hotel-style living environment for workers at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site

Pipe selection for brownfield sites

James Roper, Infrastructure Segment Manager for GPS PE Pipe Systems, discusses the complexities associated with installing barrier pipes within contaminated land

Class action: The benefits of rigid pipeline systems

The bedding Class specified for buried pipes can vary depending on a number of factors including the material and type of pipe installed....

Bat technology sounds out sewer problems

Lanes Group says it has become the first wastewater network contractor in the UK to commercially deploy pipe inspection technology that uses sound to...

Computer-generated frequencies disrupt mineral deposits in wastewater pipes

A seemingly chemical- and filter-free water conditioning system is being used in wastewater pipes to help sugarcane-processing plants in Thailand meet environmental standards. The firm...

Vinyl manufacturers to hold pipes conference in September

Significant trends across the European plastic pipe value chain, cost-competitiveness of PVC pipes and best practices for their installation will be some of the key topics for debate by European experts at the first PVC4Pipes conference to be held on 17 September 2019 in Bologna, Italy .

New document offers clear and consistent guidance for drain and sewer design

By Jason Shingleton, BPF Pipes Group Wouldn’t it be useful in designing and building drains and sewers to be able to quickly refer to easily...

Plastic pipework scores points for biogas CHP plant

One of the UK's first RHI-funded biogas plants is optimising its energy efficiency by installing a pipe network that benefits from low thermal conductivity. Strathendrick...

Satellite infrastructure intelligence product will identify pipe problems

A new project will draw upon satellite data to identify problems with underground water pipes, and improve operational efficiencies for water utilities. Suez describes MasterPlan...

Light curing saves time and hassle

PBF Drainage Services has become a UK distributor for the Danish pipe lining system Bluelight which uses LED light to cure liners during installation .
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