Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cash boost to help septic tank owners clean-up their act

Thousands of people across the North West could be polluting the environment without knowing it – all because they don’t love their septic tanks,...

Concrete effluent tank helps hospital meet standards

A Sealwall tank manufactured by Whites Concrete has become part of Rampton Hospital’s new Energy Centre in Nottinghamshire. The pre-cast concrete Sealwall Tank is a...

Monitoring nuclear waste legacy ponds

Following rigorous assessment, water quality monitoring sondes from Xylem Analytics are being deployed in what is arguably one of the most hostile environments imaginable:...

Rust Restraint

Wastewater treatment presents one of the most corrosive industrial settings around. Constant exposure to moisture, harsh chemicals, and corrosive gases such as H2S poses an ongoing threat to components, equipment, and structures.

A Total solution for safety bund

THIRTY years after launching its Minibulk range of storage and process tanks in polypropylene and HDPE, Forbes has developed a new product with an...

“Bomb-proof” Polyurea spray coating for tanks

LTS Systems UK has partnered with Prokol Polyurea coatings, the only CE Certified Pure Polyurea manufacturers in Europe with a whole of life warranty,...
The end of the road

The end of the road

IT eventually happens to every tank – it needs to go. But it has to be done safely and when a demolition company won...

Hydraulic study slashes surge vessel size

The replacement surge vessel required for the sewage network in Bracknell was calculated at half the size of its 30-year old predecessor, following a...

Sponsored content: Leaving room to breathe

Tank breather vents are often overlooked as critical safety assets. The consequences from poorly set, calibrated and serviced assets are potentially dire.
Specialist composite steel panels will provide airtight fire separation between different processing areas.

Fire walls enhance safety at Essex waste treatment facility

COMPOSITE panel specialist ISD Solutions has been contracted by Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) to provide state of the art fire walls and compartmentation for...

Explosion at California fuel depot

An explosion at a fuel storage facility in the town of Crockett in the San Francisco Bay Area involved around 200 firefighters in a seven-hour struggle to control the blaze
Pulsar Measurement ultra4 db3 twin sunshield

Sponsored content: MCERTS expertise provides watertight handling of storm overflows

The new Asset Management Period (AMP) in the UK water industry introduces a requirement to monitor any spills going into a storm tank – regularly referred to by those working in the sector as UMON3.

Sponsored Content: Reusing wash water at equipment hire firm

MSE Systems has provided equipment hire firm Sunbelt Rentals with a fully automated wastewater treatment system following a successful rental and testing period in 2020. The firm was asked to provide a system that would dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water used by Sunbelt Rentals when cleaning the dirty Trakway panels ready for use by new customers. Trakway is a series of panels laid down to create access to fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

Sponsored content: More Landia mixers for Jersey’s Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works

Landia has won an order from Doosan Enpure to supply and install a Jet Mixing system for the new Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works on...

New steelwork for sludge tanks

THAMES Water is undertaking a £675 million upgrade programme which will include a £200 million expansion of the Crossness sewage treatment works (STW) and...

Research confirms ‘total kill’ abilities

INDEPENDENT scientific testing of a diesel biocide has confirmed its effectiveness in ensuring a ‘total kill’ of contaminant micro-organisms that may be present in...

Pump expert unveils novel on-farm AD plant protector and biogas booster

Described as a one-step biogas optimisation solution, the WANGEN X-UNIT from anaerobic digestion (AD) pump specialist Agrico is said to protect AD plants from...
Oxford Sewage Treatment Works before and after

Case study: Asset refurbishment at Oxford treatment works

Oil and environmental services firm Adler and Allan has recently completed the refurbishment of Sludge Digester 1 at Oxford Sewage Treatment Works.

Silo protection the easy way?

Following the earlier launch of the SHIELD silo protection system, silo pressure safety expert Hyocontrol has launched its SHIELD Lite SPS

Ballast tanks keep gates open

ECS Engineering Services has completed an overhaul of the radial gate at Pillings on the River Soar in Leicestershire, a vital asset for controlling water levels upstream. The group has replaced the ballast tanks and carried out preventative maintenance on the gate for the EA.