Cleaning system helps cope with flood events

An automated storm tank and screen cleaning system is available from spray nozzle specialist BETE. Developed a few years ago, the firm is keen...

Meary Veg upgrade

KIRK Environmental, part of Kirk Group, has successfully upgraded the existing Meary Veg wastewater treatment works located in Santon, Isle of Man, for United...

Concrete repair materials chosen for Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment Works

As part of a major £16 million upgrade of Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment Works being carried out on behalf of Southern Water, AkzoNobel’s range of...

Ocean-dumping for Fukushima wastewater: Japan’s complex decision remains contentious

Japan has ended years of speculation over the fate of radioactive wastewater stored in tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant since the 2011...

Sponsored Content: Reusing wash water at equipment hire firm

MSE Systems has provided equipment hire firm Sunbelt Rentals with a fully automated wastewater treatment system following a successful rental and testing period in 2020. The firm was asked to provide a system that would dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water used by Sunbelt Rentals when cleaning the dirty Trakway panels ready for use by new customers. Trakway is a series of panels laid down to create access to fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians.
King Tanktechnic Ltd

Still plenty of oil in the tank after all these years

TANK specialist King Tanktechnic Ltd (KTL) was shortlisted for a Milestone award at the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration's 2014 Awards in Coventry...

Sponsored Content: Corrosion protection system used on bridge gas pipe

In 2013 Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd. supplied their Steelcoat 100/400™ System to protect a gas pipe on the Craigavon Bridge in Derry City...

Space-saving separator

Sites with restricted space and access can mitigate the risk of hazardous oil pollution with BoxSep, a new space-saving separator from environmental services provider, Adler & Allan.
Camplas Technology

Tanks for the memory

Camplas Technology is playing the numbers game this year as it celebrates 45 years of tank production at its Bridgend factory. The landmark is underlined...

Digester options assist with long life

With the advent of the new AMP6 TOTEX cost requirements taking precedence in assessing new tank and Anaerobic Digester installations for the Water Utility...

Screens test

Water technology firm Hydro International writes about recent success with cutting the Opex costs and carbon footprint at a wastewater treatment plant run by Scottish Water.

Somerset tank project will store 800k litres of sewer water

A £9.5 million project to boost the storage and treatment of wastewater gets underway near Bridgwater, Somerset this autumn, says Wessex Water. Construction teams will...

Sponsored content: Brazil plant chooses TS

Six Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) systems will be supplied as part of the delivery by SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions of water and wastewater treatment plants to Klabin’s Puma II project in Brazil.

Radar reaches a new level

Radar offers many performance advantages, although cost and complexity has restricted its use. All that could be changing now
WITH current UK market conditions favouring anaerobic digestion plants for sustainable power, a West Yorkshire company has responded by bringing to the UK what it claims is the “most advanced and efficient German design of tank system”.

‘Light years ahead’ – BCI brings German design to UK

WITH current UK market conditions favouring anaerobic digestion plants for sustainable power, a West Yorkshire company has responded by bringing to the UK what...

Colonial Pipeline: Details emerge of landmark cyber-security breach

A cyber-attack on the largest fuel pipeline in the US, on Friday 7 May, is being described as possibly the most impactful ransomware event...
Crossness Sewage Treatment Works

Tank Cleaning

IWJS has been chosen by Thames Water to deliver storm tank cleaning works at Crossness Sewage Treatment Works (STW).

Public health risk from Sellafield storage ponds

A report in The Ecologist in late October appears to reveal a major threat to public safety from the state of upkeep of legacy...

Better biogas feed as pump solves rectangular tank mixing headache

A new Borger pump at Cliff Quay Wastewater Treatment Works is said to be significantly improving the blend of liquified sludge and cake for...

Titanic steel tank stores glycerin

German tank maker Stalkamp has recently supplied a very large, stainless steel tank, intended to house glycerin, for fermentation purposes