Utility pilots “transformative” AI approach in wastewater treatment

Anglian Water says transformation of its treatment and recycling processes is being made possible by trials of AI-driven software developed by Norwegian technology company...
Yorkshire Water's £50M Energy & Recycling Facility in Huddersfield

Mix to the max at new facility

At Yorkshire Water’s new £50M Huddersfield Energy and Recycling Facility (E&RF), the digester mixing system from Landia is ensuring that total gas production can reach its anticipated 22,192Nm3/d (normal cubic meter/day).

Utility uses drones and laser technology to improve sewer network

Drones and lasers are being used together - in an apparent UK first - to improve the functioning of the sewers and are helping...

Slim SAF meets SEPA spec

Technology from wastewater treatment specialist WPL has been selected by Scottish Water to deliver enhanced ammonia removal at a village treatment works.

Net zero water challenge innovations supported by programme

Emission-cutting innovations from three global technology leaders are being accelerated through the UK water sector, thanks to new collaborative platform Spring. Technologies from...

Super sewer progress

Recent aerial photography shows some of the changes being made to the banks of the Thames during the construction of London’s 25-km super-sewer, Tideway. Now said to be three-quarters complete – and on-schedule to finish in 2025 – the 2.5m-diameter tunnel will provide an extra 1.6 million m3 of storage in London’s sewers.

A DNA “receipt book”?

Genetic techniques like CRISPR are being used to engineer cells to behave like living biosensors, capable of providing an unprecedented window into the behaviour of cells and, as such, to help with keeping track of changes in environments such as ponds and wastewater facilities.

Pumps conference grapples with EU decarbonisation challenge

Trade organisations CEIR, Pneurop and Europump recently held a Joint conference to consider the EU’s roadmap for industrial support. Under the working title of...

Power-thrifty SAFs perform

Premier Tech Water and Environment has enhanced its range of Rewatec SAF sewage treatment plants to combine energy efficiency with an exceptionally high wastewater treatment performance.

SPONSORED CONTENT: Membrane filtration supports optimal solution in Abu Dhabi

Research university NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) recently commissioned filtration specialist Axium Process to develop, manufacture and supply a range of bespoke membrane filtration and ion exchange pilot systems suitable for detailed investigations over a wide range of industrial, environmental, and process-based applications.

Wastewater alert: research highlights antimicrobial resistance risk in the UK

As the dumping of untreated wastewater into the sea sparks pollution warnings, new research has identified a “significant risk” of increasing antibiotic resistance associated...

“Mono Muncher” sends biogas yields up in Spain, says firm

The Mono Muncher protects pumps from blocking by fine-grinding AD feedstocks such as municipal sludge and food waste. The installation of a Fluid Motion...

Electrical submersible pumps expert makes key acquisition

Pump Supplies, the owner and operator of the UK’s largest hire fleet of electric submersible pumps and accessories, has acquired Stockport-based PD Pumps Ltd....

Microplastics: Six surprising everyday things that contain and release them

Microplastics have become so widespread that they have been discovered in fresh Antarctic snow. They enter the environment in all kinds of ways, not...

Dye removal

A synthetic polymer can remove certain dyes from water, and the polymer can be recovered and reused, according to the group behind it, from North Carolina State University. The findings offer a new potential method for cleaning wastewater produced by industries such as textiles and cosmetics.

Thermal ammonia removal facility treats leachate from largest landfill in Hong Kong

The Organics Group, a UK and Thailand based wastewater treatment specialist, has recently completed the turnkey design, manufacture and installation of its latest HK$...

When wastewater treatment plants catch a cold

New research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, attempts to reveal the impact of viral infection on a wastewater treatment plant, and the surrounding...

PFAS catalyst pilot

Engineers at the University of Illinois, Chicago have been awarded just over $1 million from the US Department of Energy’s National Alliance for Water Innovation to build a system that selectively removes and destroys poly- and perfluorinated substances, commonly called PFAS, from industrial and municipal wastewater.

Radar level sensors at “a competitive price” announced by measurement firm

Measurement technology firm Vega has introduced a new Bluetooth radar level sensor aimed at the water and wastewater sectors. The VEGAPULS WL S 61...

The carbon conundrum

Envirotec takes a look at the methods available for measuring organic loading in a body of water, and things to consider when selecting an...