Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tag: Natural Environment Research Council

New study will explore if a tree’s ‘memory’ can increase its resilience

A new project sets out to demonstrate experimentally whether and how trees 'remember' past stress conditions and transfer these memories to descendants through epigenetics-based DNA modifications – changes that alter the activity of some genes, without changing the DNA sequence.

Cooking’s PM persistence

Researchers at the University of Birmingham say they have demonstrated how cooking emissions are able to survive in the atmosphere over several days, rather than being broken up and dispersed

Work begins on detection system

In July, Scientists at the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) announced a project to develop a standardised UK-wide system for detecting Coronavirus in wastewater, in order to provide an early warning of future outbreaks and reduce reliance on costly testing of large populations.

“Smart cube” model for wind tunnels could help improve accuracy of air pollution data

A project led by the University of Surrey will manufacture a miniature building model with the aim being to help develop a better understanding of how to tackle air pollution in cities across the world

Aerial assessment

Unmanned aerial vehicles can make an important contribution to gathering data from flood events, and estimating the damage to properties. Dr Monica Rivas Casaldo, a senior lecturer in integrated environmental monitoring at Cranfield University, offers further insight
Tyre wear is a major cause of particulate emissions.

Going beyond exhaust fumes

A new competition from Innovate UK is to invest almost £5 million to reduce the cause of emissions from vehicles, minimise the amount of particulates released into the air, and improve air quality

Innovative new study to monitor Scotland’s water from space

Dr Claire Neil, a Research Fellow in Biological and Environmental Sciences, is leading the project with SEPA, funded through a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship.

Tracking the UK’s carbon from soil to sea

This January scientists from a range of disciplines are undertaking the first ever coordinated sampling of the major rivers in the UK to look...

Using biodiversity to identify sediment pollution in rivers

A collaborative research project led by the University of Brighton’s Aquatic Research Centre has developed a new technique to help protect the biodiversity of...