Sponsored Content: Reflections on a decade of sensing

Gas sensor manufacturer DD-Scientific writes: In 2011 we had a site comprising a single building, and were offering sensors for only six gas types and two package sizes, with a team who would be outnumbered on a football pitch.

Since we started our journey much has changed: the world has more or less reached an accord on tackling climate change, Neptune completed its first full rotation of the sun since its discovery, the first photo of a black hole was taken and Game of Thrones started and finished.

Fast forward to 2022: the site now comprises four buildings occupying an area the size of two football pitches and we now offer an impressive portfolio of package sizes and gases.

The team has expanded by a factor of ten, including several apprentices. Our founding goal has been to deliver sensors of high quality and consistent performance at competitive prices. We are focused on deep collaborative client relationships, working with customers to find solutions.

The young team at DD-Scientific are backed by key personnel with over 250+ years of experience between them in gas sensors and gas detection instrumentation. Our team has a rich experience of sensor, instrumentation and gas detection applications.

Handheld portable devices are now smaller and lighter. DD-Scientific have compacted the sensing brilliance of our 4 series package into a small but mighty DceL package.

The DceL might be the leader of the miniatures but we also have the popular (and smaller) F14 and MceL cells that enable manufacturers of hand held portable monitoring and measuring equipment to focus upon the ergonomics and form factors of their product design

Whilst lead based oxygen sensors currently enjoy an exemption from Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation, this is scheduled to end in July 2024 from which point manufacturers may no longer sell new instruments using lead based technology.

Fortunately, the firm has spent considerable time and effort developing a lead-free alternative solution delivering compliance with legislation as well as significantly enhanced performance and sensor working lifetimes.