Connected gas detector offers easy set-up, maintenance and reporting

Honeywell announced a new connected gas detector (on 2 November) designed to keep industrial operations safe while making set-up, maintenance and compliance reporting faster...

Portable multi-gas detector offers fit and forget functionality

Honeywell has introduced the BW Clip4, a new four-gas, portable monitor which the firm is promoting with the message that, once turned on, it...

Animation explains biogas analyser

BIOGAS instrumentation manufacturer Geotech has produced a short animation to showcase the features of its latest GA3000+ biogas and landfill analyser. The system allows...

Sponsored Content: Water managers demand better, faster data

2020 was an unusual year in many respects, but for OTT Hydromet, one of the more remarkable features of the year was an unprecedented level of orders for water level and flow monitoring equipment.

PM and NO2 alerts during demolition

Envirochem Analytical Laboratories is undertaking perimeter particulate and NO2 monitoring for a client in a London district, during the demolition of a disused structure and subsequent construction project.

First continuous air quality monitoring for Faroe Islands

THE Environment Agency of the Faroe Islands together with the municipality of Tórshavn has installed two ambient air quality monitoring stations as part of...
Pulp mill systems

Getting the right monitoring in place

The escape of chemical pollutants into the environment can pose a major environmental risk, not just on an industrial site but also to the surrounding area.

Analysing complex gas mixtures

As a powerful approach for the measurement of complex gas mixtures, Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy has come a long way since the first commercial instruments appeared in the late 1950s. Since then, the technique has expanded its domain of usefulness considerably, as Envirotec finds out .

Rapid detection of Legionella

AN apparent breakthrough for the rapid detection of the Legionella pneumophila SG1 bacteria is now available from Scottish firm Odour & Dust Solutions (ODS)....

Sponsored Content: High flow pump simplifies asbestos and air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of more than 39,000 Americans every year. Despite the material’s known health impacts, it can be found in older homes and industrial properties and continues to be used in products such as gaskets, friction products, roofing materials and fireproofing materials, posing a threat to workers in construction and general industry.

Siloxane sentinel

As monitoring firm Safe Training Systems (STS) says, the production of biogas from wastewater AD ticks all the green eco boxes and has few...

NIVUS Pipe Sensor v Mag Meter

Some time ago NIVUS were invited by Water Company Directors asking how we could show savings in AMP 5… The story then begins… Seeing our NIVUS...

High performance analyser to be showcased at UK gas-to-grid event

Gas analysis technology manufacturer Geotech is to showcase an instrument optimised for the gas-to-grid space, BIOMETHANE 3000, at this year’s UK Biomethane Day...

Conference presentations point to LiDAR’s growing preeminence in offshore wind measurement

Wind measurement experts gathered in London in June concluded that LiDAR technology had over the years fully proven its ability to provide wind measurements...

Sponsored content: Instrumentation firm has a memorable year, and not just because of coronavirus...

Despite the bleak, unprecedented Covid-19 cloud that descended upon us all in 2020, Enviro Technology Services (ET) has had a memorable and positive year...

New stove emissions regulation sets a minimum standard

From 1st January 2022, a new regulation will impose Ecodesign requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 describes the...

SPONSORED CONTENT: High flow pump incorporates the latest technology

The Vortex3 is the most innovative high flow pump on the market, designed to simplify asbestos and air sampling. The high flow pump offers a flow accuracy better than +/-5%, ensuring consultants, contractors and specialists have confidence in results.

Advanced NOx gas analysers suit real-time monitoring

UK based instrumentation firm Signal Group has announced the latest additions to its advanced Series IV gas analysers. The QUASAR instruments employ chemiluminescence detection...
Line walking limits

Line walking limits

Most consumers across the world are supplied with gas via local distribution networks which vary in size depending on the country. In the UK there is 280,000 kilometres of pipework; in France 170,000 kilometres and in the US over 3 million kilometres.

Bringing real-time control to leachate treatment

A new approach to methane stripping appears to bring cutting-edge technology to an area of the wastewater industry that has often appeared inefficient and clunky. Envirotec spoke to Rostech Environmental, to find out more .