Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fifteen years on, the dust has still to settle

The estimated 1,000 tons of asbestos-rich dust released in the collapse of the World Trade Centre has the potential to claim more lives says...

Fracking: The science, the risks and the regulations

Barnaby Harding, principal hydrogeologist at environmental consultancy ESI, explores the real science behind fracking, the risks to water resources it presents, and how these...

Tiny particle detector

TRADITIONAL methods for measuring airborne particulate matter measure particle mass per unit air volume, usually with an upper size limit of x microns (PMx...

Case study: Indoor air quality monitoring eases staff concern

A case study article from equipment rental firm Ashtead Technology As a Health Safety and Environmental Consultant, Matthew Brown has experienced increased numbers of enquiries...

Inspecting pipelines with OGI

FLIR Systems has published a new application spotlight that highlights the role its Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are playing in detecting gas leaks

Probe helps optimise biogas upgrading

Finnish firm Vaisala has launched a new instrument for off-gas methane and carbon dioxide measurements in the biomethane production process

Noise monitoring equipment supplied for London demolition project

Svantek, a manufacturer of high performance noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications, has recently supplied four SV 307 noise...

Seal of approval for airborn bacteria testing

BRADFORD-based Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Consultancy Envirocare is now accredited to undertake bioaerosol monitoring from stacks (such as chimneys). The new capability, an extension...

Portable DNA probe promises real-time identification of biological species in the field

Scientists’ glowing endorsements of Oxford Nanopore’s MiniION portable DNA sequencer, as reported in the media in mid-October, suggest a host of potentially revolutionary applications,...

Cost-effective water level logger for ground and surface water applications

Bell Flow Systems has introduced the dipperLog NANO water level logger, an addition to the firm's ground water measurement range. The dipperLog NANO sensor...

Power-thrifty dust monitor stands on its own

ENVIRO Technology Services is now offering the EDM180 environmental dust monitor from German manufacturer Grimm Aerosol. The EDM180 is a stationary monitor for simultaneous,...

Instrument continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components in air

Metrohm Process Analytics has re-invented its Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air (MARGA) instrument as the 2060 MARGA. When considering the effects of...
DN80 Batch Meter

Sponsored Content: On-site flow calibration

Service and Testing Laboratories looking to minimise plant downtime can find help in the extended on-site calibration services from Young Calibration.

Pandemic air quality due to weather, not just lockdowns

Headlines proclaiming Covid lockdowns drastically reduced pollution were mostly referring to nitrogen dioxide, NO2, a reactive gas emitted from burning fuel

Earth observation images reveal extent of ferocious forest fires in Siberia

Stunning satellite images depict the recent gigantic infernos that devastated one of the coldest areas on the planet. Last month fires burning across Siberia...

Certification boosts demand for FTIR multigas analyser

Quantitech has experienced a surge in demand for the Gasmet portable FTIR emissions analyser, the DX4000. “We believe that this instrument is now the...

New module improves performance and stability in methane leak detection

Axetris AG (Switzerland) and its Laser Gas Detection (LGD) business line has announced the new LGD F200P2 module for methane leak detection applications. With improved...
Solar Xplore

Heated VOC analyser goes portable

Signal Group (UK) has launched a portable gas analyser, the SOLAR XPLORE, which apparently brings the advantages of the firm's Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) technology for VOC measurement to a compact, easily transportable device.

Flexible and future proof gas detection

Ashtead Technology has announced that the TSI Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors in its fleet of particulate matter (PM) monitors have achieved MCERTS approval. "As...

Getting the most from IR gas measurement

Envirotec asked gas analysis expert Protea for some pointers about the use of IR-based gas measurement systems in applications like stack and marine emissions testing .