Sponsored Content: Ashtead Technology partners with Gas Data to expand analyser fleet

Responding to a growing demand for portable, ATEX-certified environmental monitoring equipment, Ashtead Technology has announced a new partnership with Gas Data. The deal will significantly expand the range of applications for which Ashtead is able to offer gas monitors for either purchase or rental.

Sponsored Content: Reflections on a decade of sensing

Gas sensor manufacturer DD-Scientific writes: In 2011 we had a site comprising a single building, and were offering sensors for only six gas types and two package sizes, with a team who would be outnumbered on a football pitch.

Particle profiling

A new study has found high concentrations of small particles in the air in the Copenhagen Metro.

Firm secures three-year stack emissions contract extension with SEPA

Testing, inspection and certification firm Element Materials Technology (Element) has been awarded a three-year extension to its contract with Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, the Scottish Environment Protection...
Coal-fired power plant

Extractive or in-situ gas analysers: which is best?

There are two main options for gas analysis in industrial processes or emissions; the analyser can be located inside the gas stream (in-situ), or...

Sponsored Content: “Laser-focused on net zero”

Mark Naples, General Manager at Umicore Coating Services writes: Laser absorption spectroscopy is a powerful tool for detecting trace gases and has been widely used in the monitoring of atmospheric greenhouse gases, pollution, and respiration processes, including human breath analysis. The detection is based on the absorption of light when it propagates through a medium.

Sponsored Content: Industrial safety award-winner showcases success

OBW Technologies is a leading national provider of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and solutions, based in Ireland. Over the last 10 years, says the firm, they have brought together a team with the best minds in gas detection using the best technology to advise their clients on all aspects of their fixed and portable gas detection requirements.

Burping bacteria

As greenhouse gases (GHGs) bubble up across the Arctic, researchers are trying to identify other trace gases from soil microbes that could shed light on what is occurring in the melting permafrost.

Connected detector

A new single-gas detection wearable from Blackline Safety is said to offer fast incident response time and a more efficient way to manage safety and compliance.

Detecting leaks before they occur

A group in the US claims to have made an important advance with the transducers that use ultrasonic guided-wave technology to detect anomalies in pipes, helping users prevent leaks before they start.

CO2 imaging

Researchers in Madrid have used a novel near-infrared-light imaging technique to capture the first cross-sectional images of carbon dioxide in the exhaust plume of a commercial jet engine. The new technology could help accelerate turbine combustion research aimed at developing engines and aviation fuels that are more environmentally friendly.

Sandwell clean air project backed with £50,000 government funding

A pilot project in Sandwell to reduce poor air quality through community measures has been backed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) with a...

Measurements show huge methane peaks in the atmosphere after the Nord Stream leaks

The methane leak resulting from the damage to the Nord Stream gas lines in the Baltic Sea is estimated to be equal to the...

Sponsored Content: Guardian2: The solution for multi-agent site monitoring

Casella continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping its customers reduce environmental risks from large construction projects with the Guardian2. The system allows the simultaneous monitoring and reporting of noise, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and vibration as well as wind speed and direction for an all-encompassing assessment of emitted levels. The Guardian2 unit can be ordered with any combination of the mentioned sensors.

Sponsored Content: Firm prioritises air quality

“At Air Spectrum Environmental, our priority is improving air quality in the industrial and workplace setting. Where possible, we believe that greening supply chains will make a huge difference to reduce or even eliminate emissions in our environment and improve occupational health and safety. This has become a focus for us as a product provider and as an organisation.”

Sponsored Content: MCERTS ensures best available technology for monitoring

ABB’s AWT420 Transmitter as well as the 100GP and 500 Pro pH sensors now join the WaterMaster Electromagnetic flowmeter and AST430 TSS sensor with MCERTS accreditation.

How gas leak detection will help the world keep its methane reduction promise

The signing of the Global Methane Pledge at last year’s COP26 marks a vital step in reducing the impact of industrial activities on the...

Water-resistant NO2 sensor uses graphene

A new laser-induced graphene sensor system is being presented as a solution for accurate, continuous monitoring of nitrogen dioxide and other gases in humid...

SPONSORED CONTENT: 10 things AQMesh did first

2022 marked 10 years of innovation and leadership from AQMesh. To highlight the group’s experience, ongoing forward-thinking and its commitment to pushing the capabilities...
Surface of Venus

Hell’s chemistry set

In recent months, NASA has provided details about a mission to descend through the layered atmosphere of Venus in mid-2031, painting a detailed picture of the chemistry of the latter, going on to land in a mountainous region of the planet.