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Monitoring solvent emissions

VOCs are released from industrial activities that utilise organic chemicals such as solvents, as well as from engines and incinerators that burn organic materials and fuels. Both types of application present similar monitoring requirements.

Instrument continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components in air

Metrohm Process Analytics has re-invented its Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air (MARGA) instrument as the 2060 MARGA. When considering the effects of...
Surface of Venus

Hell’s chemistry set

In recent months, NASA has provided details about a mission to descend through the layered atmosphere of Venus in mid-2031, painting a detailed picture of the chemistry of the latter, going on to land in a mountainous region of the planet.

AQMesh pods measure volcanic emissions

Five AQMesh air quality monitoring pods are currently installed around Keflavic airport in Iceland to monitor gases produced by the nearby volcano at Fagradalsfjall, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Pollution sensing is prêt a porter

The notion of a sensitive, wearable gas sensor - equipped to perform environmental and human health monitoring - has been a technological grail for...

Modular analysis for gases

The Dräger Regard 7000 is a state of the art modular control system for monitoring various gases and vapors. Its flexible expandability ensures long...

Raman spectroscopy offers rapid detection of airborne hazards

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a device that can identify a wide range of airborne gases and chemicals "instantly"

Landfill methane detector avoids false readings and cross-gassing effects

A new methane detector is said to be ideal for landfill surface emissions monitoring (SEM). The LANDTEC SEM5000 methane (CH4) detector from Q.E.D. Environmental...

Portable preeminence is the goal of new FTIR multigas analyser

Gasmet says its new GT5000 Terra can be operated wirelessly for measuring up to 50 gases simultaneously in a matter of seconds

Managers admit to detection concerns

RESEARCH into gas detection in the workplace has revealed an “alarming” number of safety concerns. According to the study less than a third of managers...

Sponsored content: Take control of emissions from land reclamation

After decades of neglect, the result of land pollution has reached a level of significance which is now impossible to ignore. Many sites around the world now pose a major hazard for new construction operations and have created a huge clean-up conundrum.

Gas analyser builds complete picture of contamination

OCCUPATIONAL health specialists from Wisconsin, USA, are utilising FTIR gas analysis technology to identify and quantify both known and unknown gas species in a...

Technology enables biogas plant optimisation

Environmental measurement firm Vaisala explains how a new in-line biogas monitoring technology enables the optimisation of several processes at plants

Sponsored Content: “Laser-focused on net zero”

Mark Naples, General Manager at Umicore Coating Services writes: Laser absorption spectroscopy is a powerful tool for detecting trace gases and has been widely used in the monitoring of atmospheric greenhouse gases, pollution, and respiration processes, including human breath analysis. The detection is based on the absorption of light when it propagates through a medium.

VOC detector assists oil spill remediation firm

AN increase in demand for its oil spill consultancy and remediation services has prompted SpillAssist Limited to recently order a second handheld Tiger volatile...

Monitoring an important greenhouse gas (Sponsored content)

By Juhani Lehto, Product Manager, Vaisala, Finland. Scientists at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands have employed Vaisala carbon dioxide sensors in their research...
Solar Xplore

Heated VOC analyser goes portable

Signal Group (UK) has launched a portable gas analyser, the SOLAR XPLORE, which apparently brings the advantages of the firm's Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) technology for VOC measurement to a compact, easily transportable device.

Analyzing waste gases during simulated Mars mission

NASA's Anne Caraccio uses the portable gas analyser outside the experimental 'habitat', a task intended to help evaluate the suitability of waste off-gases for...

Innovative sensor network monitors ‘vog’ in Hawai’i

In May 2018, the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea erupted with devastating consequences - destroying homes, displacing hundreds of people and emitting high levels of dust...

Connected detector

A new single-gas detection wearable from Blackline Safety is said to offer fast incident response time and a more efficient way to manage safety and compliance.